Kobe's Better Than Lebron When It Counts:The Playoffs

Tommy RossCorrespondent IFebruary 27, 2010

Since it only takes one regular season MVP trophy to cement a career, there isn't too much there to motivate Kobe to go for a second. Even though he is still in contention for then years MVP award in the wake up his numerous injuries, one can tell that Kobe isn't trying to be the MVP he just happens to play MVP caliber ball regardless of any circumstances.

What Kobe really desires is another Finals MVP, having the Finals MVP would almost certainly mean that he has won his fifth NBA championship. The only player who  has won the finals MVP while losing in the Finals was Jerry West.

 For the most part winning the NBA most important award goes to the victor of the Finals. With the regular season losing alot of its significance the two years Steve Nash won the award back to back, The Finals MVP has took its place in regards to naming the games real Most Valuable Player that year.

I mean whats more valuable then the best player on a Championship winning team. Kobe not winning the regular season MVP this year is a blessing in disguise to Lakers fan around the globe.

Those of us that have been watching Kobe over the his rollercoaster ride of a career know that Kobe is at his best when he has something to prove. If Kobe doesn't win the MVP award he will go into the playoffs with a chip on his shoulders.

A chip on Kobe's shoulder means a very bad day for the opposing team. Just take Kobe's performance in the playoffs last year, not only was it a sight to see but for segments of his brilliant display it was brutal for the opposition.

Shaq told Kobe that he wouldn't win one without the Diesel, and Kobe took it out on the whole NBA.

In the first round the Utah Jazz were sitting ducks, they had no answer for Kobe Brewer tried his best but he was out of his league. 

I can remember vividly like it happened yesterday the back to back facials Kobe rendered to Shane Battier game after game who was playing the best defense any one has ever played on Bryant. His outstretched hands only centimeters away from the face of Kobe. Still Kobe buried shot after in route to saving the Laker's from what would of been the biggest upset in playoff history.

Then the Lakers met the Denver Nuggets who made the series interesting though dominating play by their bigs. Denver's big men were a handful for the lakers to handle, but Kobe proved too much for the opposition.

The same result played itself out against Orlando, with the teams being matched up pretty well up until you got to the Black Mamba and who was going to be chosen to be his next victim.

As much as I think Kobe leading his team to the second best record in the league with 6 game winners, posting a stat line of 28 PPG 4 AST and 5 RPG all while battling multiple injuries all year is worth the MVP trophy.

I cannot deny Lebrons star power and NBA "poster boy" pull with the media. Lebron is also having a career year that cannot be ignored. Although I seriously doubt he could play at the level he's playing now if he was battling the injuries Kobe has.

 All in all who cares about the regular season MVP, Kobe has his eye on the trophy that is given to the last man standing.