You Heard It Here First: John Hall From Kentucky Will Be a Bust

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You Heard It Here First: John Hall From Kentucky Will Be a Bust
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The love affair with John Hall needs to end now.

I had virtually no idea who John Hall was until very recently. The hype about John Hall is embarrassing for a guy who hasn't accomplished crap in neither the college or the pro level. It's a joke that he is getting so much accolades. It's like the guy hasn't even done anything and analysts are already overhyping him as a future hall of famer.

Is he the sole reason that Kentucky is good this year? No. Patrick Patterson is already an All-American. Throw in the fact that they have John Calipari bringing in a bunch of his own recruits and the fact that SEC is a joke of a basketball conference, then it should be obvious that they would be this good.

Ever since David Stern banned prep-to-pro, 1-and-done players are always getting the hype. Marvin Williams, Greg Oden, Kevin Durant, Mike Conley, Brandan Wright, Spencer Hawes, Thaddeus Young, Derrick Rose, Michael Beasley, OJ Mayo, Kevin Love, Eric Gordon, Jerryd Bayless, Anthony Randolph, Tyreke Evans, Demar Derozan, and Jrue Holiday. Williams, Oden, Conley, Wright, Hawes, Beasley, Love, Bayless, Derozan, and Holiday are all busts. Thad Young, Mayo, and Rose are still milking their college fame, but the fact is that they are not fulfilling the expectations from dumbasses who think all these guys will be superstars. (By the way, anybody who thinks Rose belongs in this year's all-star game is an idiot. His team is underachieving. He's overrated. Kirk Hinrich can lead them to the same record.)

Don't get me wrong, Hall is solid, but plenty of players are just as good as him in NCAA this year. Plenty of solid players go to the NBA and flame out for no reason. What he's doing at the college level is really nothing special. I don't know where the hype is coming from. Hall is relatively tall for a point, can pop a college 3 (not sure about NBA 3), but is very turnover prone. I mean 6 assists 4 turnovers is hardly what you want from a point guard especially in the NBA. Plus, his performance against better competition (out of the pitiful SEC conference) is extremely mediocre.

Raymond Felton, Ty Lawson, Jonny Flynn all played better than him in college and they all stink in the pro.

Hell, Carmelo Anthony was way better than him as a freshman and he didn't get that much love. Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin, and Michael Beasley were also a lot better than him. Beasley and Griffin are both busts in the making.

You hear it here first. There is a high chance that John Hall will be a bust. Teams that intend to tank beware. IF any team think he will be their savior, think again.

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