Budget Cuts 2010: Who's Else Is Saying Goodbye To The Wwe

JC Augustine@Spartanjohn113Correspondent IFebruary 27, 2010


Since ECW is over the wwe has had an extra amount of talent floating around their shows. They have already gotten ride of Maria, Greggory Helms, Paul Birchill, and Scott Armstrong. Scott Armstrong was just recently realeased and have many wondering why the wwe would get ride of one of their best reffs. I have no idea. But I do know there will be more cuts and this is a list of people that seem like they are on their way out. 

RAW Talent:

Chris Masters: In one of the worst talent resigning in years Chris Masters came back to the WWE without anyone giving a care. He has dancing pecs and his is chiseled. That’s it. Little talent and bad mic work. This guy’s recent pairing with Eve has gone nowhere and he is one his way out. 

Shawn Michaels: Now he is not going to be fired but he is at the end of his storied career and he knows it. Hopefully he will put on a good match at Wrestlemania and hang up his boots. I would like him to stay on as a on air role though. His experience and mic skills are invaluable to any wrestling promotion.

Dylan Postl aka “Hornswoggle”: We have not seen this character on tv for some time and we are all thankful for that. The wwe realized that DX need to end and so did the B.S. of Chavo jobbing to a midget bastard. Maybe we will see him on spike’s new show staring midget wrestlers. (That’s not a joke. Spike TV has a TV show coming out about midget wrestlers.)

Jillian:  She has not been at any house shows or on TV in a long time. Her gimmick is worn out and her wrestling is not very good either. Also her plastic surgery was bad and it is painful to look at her. She’s going as well.


Charlie Haas: I have no idea what they are doing with this guy. His appearances at house shows and on tv are sporadic. The writing staff has nothing good for this talented wrestler to do and I am sad that he will probably be cut.


Charlie has was released today on 2/28/10 and since he was a veteran he has a 90 day no wrestling clause after his release. There has been talk that Kurt Angle wanted to work with him again so expect him and Shane Helms to pop up soon on TNA

The Great Kahli: I hope he goes. He can stay in Hollywood as a novelty act and make his money that way.  Matt Hardy has been doing most the work in the tag team. Rumors are saying Matt Hardy is leaving for TNA soon so there is no reason why the Great Kahli should be staying in the WWE for any reason.

Jimmy Wang Yang and Kung Fu Naki: Unless they form an awesome Asian Invasion stable with Kaval when he comes up to the roster these guys have nothing going for them in the writing department. Bye bye guys

Slam Master J: Do I even need to explain this one? He has talent but all of his story lines fade and fizzle out like a cheap Mexican firework. The only hope for him is if he joins the Straight Edge Society and a great story line on his redemption for abusing Festus now known as Luke Gallows.

The Undertaker: He needs to go and rest in retirement. His best days are behind him and it is painful to see him in matches now. He is probably even in more pain now after getting hit with his own pyro. It would be nice to see him relax for a while, go off tv, but he would come back every once and a while to have a feud with someone. That would be a great way to get new stars some exposure and his entrance is always awesome. Hey a guy can dream. Can’t he?

Wish List:

Michael “Frickin Retard” Cole: You all know him. You all hate him. Cole is even worse than Mike Adamle, at least Adamle seemed genuine in what he said. Cole, I want you to crawl off to somewhere and never come back!

So that’s my list of people who might get cut unless some awesome story line might come out of nowhere and save them. Please leave your comments and feedback.