Five Things WWE Needs To Do In Order To Improve Their Product

The Jaden SmallingsContributor IFebruary 27, 2010

The following is a couple of things WWE needs to do for the betterment of their product.

Although, WWE is a great company, they need to start making some serious changes soon and most of which are mentioned in this article.

Without further due, let's begin reading.

Too many themed pay-per-views:

To be honest, I hate WWE's new themed pay-per-views. I know WWE thinks that the fans want change and we do, but not stupid pay-per-view changes like TLC, or breaking point.

I was fine with extreme rules and even night of champions because even though those pay-per-views were new, there were a only came once in a while, which is exactly what made them so significant.

Not only are these pay-per-views insignificant but they're also confusing. When I first heard about breaking point, I automatically assumed that all of the matches were going to be submission, but only one match was.

Less entertainment, more wrestling:

I'm pretty sure that the only reason smackdown's better then raw right now is because they put on better and longer matches.

Let's think about this, why were Undertaker vs HBK and Rey Mysterio vs Chris Jericho two of the greatest matches of 2009?

You guessed it, because the wrestling in both matches was phenomenal.

Here's another one, what do wrestling fans want to see more of?

Yes, right again, wrestling.

I'm not saying that WWE should completely stop the controversy and surprises because then WWE would just be boring, matches should have the best of both worlds.

Get rid of the guest host concept:

For months now, we've seen guest host after guest host on raw, and most of which have been terrible. 

WWE, if your going to have guest hosts on a week to week basis, don't screw it up which means book the hosts right and in a meaningful way.

That Jerry Springer sketch I saw two weeks ago, was horrible and didn't do the company or Jerry Springer any good.

It's not only WWE's fault, but it's also the guest host's fault.

There's only three things the guest host has to do, memorize the lines, remember the script, and keep the fans happy.

If you have to, then even do a little research on WWE, it wouldn't hurt.

No more wasting talent:

Matt Hardy, Shelton Benjamin, Christian, William Regal, and Mike Knox.

What do all of these men have in common?

They could've all been solidified main eventers in WWE but aren't getting their chance like every other main eventer was.

I know WWE can't push every talented wrestler they have but they can push a few.

WWE gave us change they thought we wanted at TLC in the form of Sheamus, I just wished Sheamus would've been replaced with somebody who was with the company for at least a year and proved themselves to the fans before given a world championship.

On raw, Carlito mentioned that he wasn't the only man who wanted Cena to lose to Sheamus but there were many backstage who supported Sheamus.

WWE can still do something with that promo.

Something like form a stable with the likes Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger, William Regal and Carlito. Their purpose would be to end the careers of main eventers like John Cena and Triple H so it could be their time to shine.

PG era, no more:

I've been thinking and now I've come to a conclusion.

WWE should end the PG era.

I know that some of you think that WWE's PG change was a very smart business decision but I have a better one.

With WWE no longer rated PG but TV-14, it means that no more kids will watch wrestling anymore, only teens and adults.

Or does it?

Let's think about, with the PG rating gone, kids aren't going to stop wrestling just like that.

They'll still sneakingly watch wrestling like they did before it wasn't PG.

This way WWE could regain the adult audience they lost before, and keep the child audience they still have.

Smart, right?

Jaden's Conclusion: Alright, so that was it. Those were just some things I think WWE needs to do in order to improve their overall product, otherwise WWE's good where it stands.

If by coincidence a staff member from WWE is reading this article then please take some of my ideas into consideration because this is what if not all, then most fans would like to see happen in the near future.








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