Red Devil Sport Club, Legit Organization Or Just Satan's Pilgrim's?

jason hughesCorrespondent IFebruary 27, 2010

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  The Red Devil Sport Club seems to have a bit of a reputation among all the well known MMA training academies as  tight knit group of fighters that are very hard to do buisness with.

    This may because that the club really is just a hidden name for M1 Global, a notoriously bad organization to work with, just ask Mr. Dana White? Fedor Emilianenko seems to be the target of everyones wrath about the fighter's unwillingness to mix it up with MMA's best and brightest stars but is it really Fedor who is at fault here?

    Vadim Finkelstein, the founder of the outfit, which is what I will refer to since I have no clue to where it stops becoming the Red Devil Sport club and starts to become M1 Promotions or simply both.

    I do have an idea that this once powerful club is showing all the indications of a brittle foundation holding up a very unstable household. Is the RDSC on it's last leg?

   In the last few years , the mainly Russian/Armenian club has had several good, solid fighters leave, sighting that they are not happy with the way Vlad runs the operation.

    M1 Global has not done wonders for Fedor's career either in my opinion, holding the legend back from fighting in the biggest show of all , the UFC.  If this is all of Fedor's doing then I will completely change my tune on how the great fighter has ducked the competition.

   But one thing that does seem to garner the wrath from every writer in the sport is the one thing that I think needs to be adjusted, THE BLAME GAME, for I truley believe that Fedor is just a mere loyalist and being loyal to a bum like Finkelstein is losing him his dignity.

   What would it take for Emilianenko to leave the fighting club that helped launch his career   but now inhibits the fights that could make him so much money that M1 could throw figures down his throat and scramble his brain with more lies of how much money he would be losing by not sticking by the side of the people who make all of decisions for him. Or simply put, will they stack up more lies to counter the truth.

   It was nothing for Alexander to walk away from RED DEVIL/M1, but when a fighter can no longer get huge fights and bring in big money anymore for the company that employs him he is no longer an asset, even though it is well known that Alex still trains with his brother, it seemed to be no problem at all for the lesser of the Emilianenko's to walk away.

  Can Fedor walk away? Does the M1 GLOBAL company run things on the up an  up? 

    Could someone  make Fedor an offer he can't refuse, legally, or is there a bigger factor keeping the all mighty fighter from fighting the best out there. Remember there is always a two way street to every conversation. but has M1 Global made it a cul de sac without a circle at the end to turn around in.