What Are You Going To Do Ruff and Regier?

Brian MazurekContributor IFebruary 27, 2010

The Buffalo Sabres are ready to come off the Winter Olympic break Tuesday with a big game in Pittsburgh against the Stanley Cup champion Penguins and Sidney Crosby.

It will be just one day off for Ryan Miller and Crosby and others, and it will be a travel day Monday from Vancouver to the Steel City.

Question is, will Sabres coach Lindy Ruff use Ryan Miler immediately or give the poor guy a break and wait until at least Friday to send his goaltender in between the pipes when the Sabres host the Philadelphia Flyers?

I sure hope Lindy uses his brain and let Patrick Lalime start those first two games and give Miller a chance to regroup, refocus and prepare for the stretch drive to the playoffs.

We know Lalime is accustom to long breaks and two weeks should make him well rested and giving him two games in a row will be enough time to evaluate if the Sabres need another goalie (example...Marty Biron) or if he's dependable enough to help Buffalo.

In the Olympics, we were shown that Ryan Miller is probably the best goaltender in the world. The Sabres are going to have a good shot at the Stanley Cup but Mr. Wishy-Washy General Manager Darcy Regier is probably going to sit on his hands and not make a trade worth while.

There are about a half-dozen Sabres that should be traded or just plain dropped.

Derek Roy...you need to go. Inconsistant, a cry-baby. Your salary is about three-quarters more than what you are worth. Can we trade him? Probably not because of the bloated contract.

Toni Lydman...pack your bags. I'd love to see you in another jersey as soon as possible. A team might need your veteran leadership.

Adam Mair, Nathan Paetsch...You've been put on waivers and no one wanted you for free. So we keep you as added weight. Package the two together and maybe we can get a low draft pick in 2015.

Matt Ellis...Do you even exist? I see you play night after night and you allegedly do the "little things". Don't the Sabres have a lot of guys like that? (Mair, Paetsch, Kaleta). I've watched for at least two years now and you are just a body.

Craig Rivet...The Sabres captain but highly over-rated. Trade him now while you can get something for him. Even Ruff has been disturbed with his play...benching him basically for an entire game. He brings toughness which Buffalo sorely lacks but a rugged defenseman in a trade shouldn't be that hard to find.

The Sabres have the tools to win the Stanley Cup this year. The tweeking of the lineup, a few trades and Ryan Miller could be the remedy.

Darcy Regier needs to pull the trigger on a couple of trades. Show the boys that WE want to win the Cup. You have the best goalie...a big plus in the playoffs. Ride Miller now, get him some help and let's hoist the Cup in June.

Can't see Regier doing it however. He's probably sitting at his dining room table right now eating a bland meal...thinking how much more blander he can make the Sabres and hoping bland is good enough to win the Stanley Cup.