WWF Attitude vs WWE Attitude Adjustment (MA & PG 13 vs PG)

Santiago M. IlizaliturriContributor IFebruary 27, 2010

 This is my response to Evan Fein's "WWE Should Remain PG: Senate, Steroids, and Storylines" article which in concluding his very well detailed opinion, he asked for the readers thoughts on the subject. If you have not read his story, please do so. It got me wanting to leave a long comment but instead I have chosen to respond with this article. 

I think that if you take out the PG13 and MA from the attitude era. You still end up with some pretty good talent in the ring. As for the profanity, and all the other extra curricular activities from Attitude, I agree that its what kept the money flowing.

That era was very contagious because we all still see WWE struggling to run the proper content at times that revolves around big matches. I agree with Evan Fein that in recent weeks it has been improving. I have really enjoyed all the story lines thus far that are leading up to Wrestlemania.

In Evan's poll I did picked Randy Orton as the one that would fit in with the attitude era. How about if you reverse the question by asking who would fit in now from the attitude era? I honestly think Austin and The Rock would not be a problem fitting in, even based on their talent. Their characters would need to be modified when it came to cursing, but that's all. We also still have Triple H, Undertaker, and Shawn Michaels. All three of them have been really important to both eras.

Yeah, back then matches were different but the wrestling skills of Austin and The Rock weren't any worse than John Cena's in ring performances. The Rock was actually a pretty talented in ring performer. Both he and Austin were also capable of calling matches. Something in which I rarely see Cena do, and when he does, it don't look very good. That's why Cena is at his best against veteran wrestlers and great performers like Randy Orton.  

Evan Fein mentions that Lance Storm had more in ring skills and ability than most back then. I agree with him, but I feel that it has been like that for certain wrestlers in every WWE era ever since I started watching it in the eighties. There are only a few or none in every era that get to be on top just for having excellent in ring skills. Bret and Shawn were I believe paved the way for wrestlers with great in ring skills to get consideration for Main Events.

I agree with Evan Fein that WWE should stick with the PG rating. All for similar reasons as his, but more so because I think that this particular era has a lot of potential in ring Legends with more wrestling skills than any other WWE era that I have witnessed. These days WWE has implemented more depth and focus on mic skills during the development of young talent while building their gimmicks and characters. I still think If WWE makes the correct decisions by choosing wrestlers that have great in ring skills, then the PG rating should not be a loss or a problem for anyone.