WWE Monday Night RAW Preview: Who's Next to Be Punk'd?

Adam WrightSenior Analyst IJuly 6, 2008

If we’ve learned anything these past weeks in the WWE, we can now expect the unexpected. After last week’s shocking Monday Night RAW, the TV trucks enter “The Big Easy,” New Orleans, LA. What can we expect tomorrow on RAW?

Last week we witnessed what has to be one of the most shocking events in Monday Night RAW history: the crowning of a NEW World Heavyweight Champion!

After being brutally attacked by Batista, Edge was defenseless when Mr. Money in the Bank CM Punk cashed in his briefcase. The Rated R Superstar got a taste of his own medicine, and CM Punk became our newest World Champ.

But the night wasn’t over for the newly crowned Champion. First JBL challenged Punk to a match for the Title. And later that night, John Cena proclaimed that he too wanted a shot at the World Title.

“The Wrestling God” took it upon himself to hire security to escort Cena out of the building, saying, “Nothing will interrupt me from Winner The World Championship.”

During the Main Event, it was CM Punk vs. JBL. However, John Cena made an appearance, with back-up of his own...Cryme Tyme! JBL was distracted by the brawl outside the ring between JBL’s security and Cena’s “posse.” That distraction gave the Champion time to hit the Go To Sleep, and retain the Championship!

With Punk still flying high from his HUGE Title victory, what will happen on RAW? Who will be the next to challenge his newly won Title? JBL? John Cena?

Maybe the angry “Big Red Machine” Kane! Or how about the man who gave Punk the assist to his title win... Batista! New Champion, new challengers! Who will be next?

CM Punk isn’t the only newly crowned Champion on RAW. Kofi Kingston captured the Intercontinental Title at Night of Champions against Chris Jericho, thanks to the help of Shawn Michaels.

However last week during their rematch, Chris Jericho took out his frustrations and anger on the Jamaican Champion. How will Kingston respond to his attack from last week?

And what about Shawn Michaels? Chris Jericho challenged him to a match at The Great American Bash. Will The Showstopper accept the challenge, and what kind of condition is he in?

After their “Simply Priceless” Title win at Night of Champions, Tag Team Champions Ted DiBiase, Jr. and Cody Rhodes have been on fire. Who will be able to stop this team?

Finally, last week Shane McMahon gave a brief statement on Vince McMahon’s condition after his stage accident a few weeks ago.

Will we learn more about his condition this week on RAW? Will we learn a bit more about who was responsible for this “accident,” perhaps? Was it really an accident, or was it an attack? The Chairman has a laundry list of people who would want him out. Who was responsible for the potential career-ending injury?

All this and a whole lot more! Will we see another confrontation between Rey Mysterio and Santino Marella? We will definitely see some Diva action! Make sure to tune in when Monday Night RAW airs LIVE from New Orleans.

Remember, anything can happen! 


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