My City Rocks! : Cape Town,South Africa!

Ruxton McClureContributor IJuly 6, 2008

David Kau, a South African comedian, once did a skit wherein he announced that he’d been on tour to Montreal, where he saw the mot beautiful women in the world. He thought there must be someone killing ugly women in Montreal. Then he went to London… and he figured the person killing ugly women in Montreal must move to London! (It’s just a joke, Londoners!)

I beg to differ. The most beautiful women in the world live in Cape Town. Every club, beach, restaurant, and road in Cape Town is packed to capacity with the most amazingly attractive women of all ages (nothing like a little poetic license). That’s just the first reason why Cape Town is the coolest city in the world.

It could be argued (as I am about to) that there is a little piece of everywhere in Cape Town. One drives along the beautiful Chapman’s Peak Drive, a road etched into the side of a cliff-face, with the most amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean, and some of the most stunning sunsets to be seen in a lifetime. Several of my friends claim to have seen the green flash on numerous occasions (if you don’t know what the green flash is, watch the last Pirates of the Caribbean). Chapman's Peak Drive is like a section of the Cote d’Azur picked up out of France and dropped at the tip of Africa.

Further along the same stretch and one comes into Camps Bay and Clifton, where only the most good-looking “schmodels” live, in their Ferrari’s, Hummers and top-of-the-line Beemers and Mercs. Palm Beach California has nothing on Camps Bay. If one feels the need to get out of the city, the Stellenbosch wine-route is half an hour away, winding through world-class vineyards, and past five-star restaurants and accommodation.

Not to mention Table Mountain. If one is so inclined (as I masochistically am) it’s a five-minute drive from almost anywhere in Cape Town to park one’s car and go for a day-walk up and down a mountain that can immerse and enfold one in nature. The sounds of the city disappear, and yet from its highest point one looks out across both the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans, as well as the most vibrant, exciting and interesting city in the world.

As for sport… Cape Town is home to the local rugby franchise, the Vodacom Stormers, which plays in the hotly-contested annual Super 14 tournament involving 14 (duh!) teams from Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. The Stormers are based at Newlands Rugby stadium, which is a bit like Fenway Park (prior to 2004) in that the support every season is phenomenal – packed crowds – but the support doesn’t reflect the success of the team.

Additionally, there is the world famous Newlands Cricket Stadium, around the corner from the rugger stadium, where the national cricket team plays a couple of games every year. Cricket is a sport which I will always watch, and never fully understand.

There is also a wide spectrum of activities for sports enthusiasts in Cape Town that ranges from such noble pursuits as greens bowling, golf and sailing, to wind-surfing, rock climbing, and scuba-diving. Anyone can do anything in Cape Town, all without traveling for more than half an hour.

Lastly, the 2010 Football World Cup’s opening ceremony is to be hosted in Cape Town, a clear and resonant indication of this city’s beauty, stature, and uniqueness. There is no doubt in my mind that I am extraordinarily privileged to live in the coolest city in the world.