The Riddler Report: TNA: Where In The Blue Hell Is Sting??? OH MY!!!

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Okay im gonna stop with the Michael Cole hate it getting old....

Anyways welcome to another edition of The Riddler show

Today we gonna be discussing one big question a lot TNA fans have in there mind


After Sting lose to AJ few months ago he said in a shoot after the match that he was not sure what he would continue wrestling or not and that only time would tell.

It was reported after that he would return a few months later after a break so he could have time to be with his family.

On Monday January 4, 2010 Stinger show up in the rafters and show everyone that he back!

weird thing is... he have not been seen since

It was rumor within TNA has it that the Ric Flair-AJ Styles alliance is the first step to a Flair vs. Sting storyline later this year.

And apparently sting was to show up at the Genesis pay-per-view and subsequent television tapings but due to some family emergency ( apparently a life or death situation) he was a no show. 

Let just say not everyone was understanding of sting situation

Eric Bischoff said and I quot:

“Sting’s a great talent. Love him to death. My problem is now that we’re trying to do this big picture. I understand how big picture it is for the wrestling business. Sting had life-and-death personal issues, but from a business side, it totally screws us up. If at any time that happens, I got a personal issue, now we have to switch gears on who we use, you can’t build the world around them.

“Everybody has got to make a commitment. It’s easy to say we want TNA to be No. 1, but if you’re not willing to put TNA as a priority above almost every situation, then it’s probably not going to work out.

Wow really Eric?

the company is more important that a family life and death situation ?

there no words that can describe how stupid that statement was

your talking about the Icon Sting not some generic wrestler

if a living legend like him needs time for a family emergency then I think he earn his spot and his time off if needed

aside from that I been almost 2 months now since we seen The Icon

I wish Sting the best and I hope his family situation get better

What do u guys think ? will Sting quietly retire from wrestling or will he make his epic return against Rick flair and AJ Styles in the coming months

only time will tell

This concludes another edition of The Riddler Report

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