Arizona Wildcats Have Thrown In The Towel On Season

Tom PhillipsCorrespondent IFebruary 26, 2010

In a rematch of what was probably the best game of the Pac-10 season, Arizona didn't just lay a dud of a game. They didn't bothering showing up.

After the first five minutes of the game, Arizona seemed to just give up. They scored eight points in the next ten minutes.

Cal scored 28 points in that same time, stretching the lead to 24 points.

Arizona made a nice run at the end of the first half. They went on a 14-2 to close the lead to twelve but by then it was too little too late.

Wildcat fans were hoping that they would take the momentum from the end of the first half. Well that didn't happen.

In a five minute span, Jerome Randle had 17 points including four threes. In that same time, Arizona scored seven points and was down by 23.

For the Wildcats the game was over before it started. They never stood a chance against Cal.

Ever since Arizona was in first place after beating Cal at the end of January, it hasn't been the same Wildcats playing.

They have lost five of six and three straight. Only three times have been competitive in those six games, winning once. The Cats have something seriously wrong with them and anyone who has watched them play has noticed it.

The body language is not that of a team who is sure of themselves. Whether the season has worn on them or they have worn on each other, the Wildcats are not a tourney team. Hell, they aren't an NIT team.

No one outside of the team is not sure of where the problem lies but there is internal strife between the players. It could be Miller guys vs. the holdovers but the discord between the players is carrying over to the floor.

If the Cats want to end the season with some respectability and momentum going into next season, they will have to come together and put their differences aside.