2010 NFL Combine: Gerald McCoy Is More Than Just a Football Player

Luke McConnellCorrespondent IFebruary 26, 2010

Gerald McCoy begins his NFL Combine experience today, and for the most part, it should simply be a formality.  

McCoy has been rated in the top five of every single draft board that has popped up in the past couple of months with some of the boards, including SI.com's Don Banks', picking the former Sooner to go to the St. Louis Rams as the first overall selection.

McCoy and Ndamukong Suh, almost everyone else's pick for No. 1, are cut from almost the identical mold. Both are big, fast, and extremely athletic for their size. I believe that Suh has more of the big play ability, but if the Rams decide to take one of the two with the first pick, they can't go wrong.

McCoy arrives in Indianapolis today and will go through the basic drills and also have a couple of interviews as well.  

Knowing Gerald personally, I think it is these interviews that will really show NFL executives and coaches that there is so much more to him than just a big bundle of pure athletic ability.  

In his time at Oklahoma, Gerald epitomized what it truly meant to be a student athlete. I remember standing right next to him at many basketball and volleyball games going crazy and cheering for a victory.

Gerald was very committed to his school and to supporting his fellow students athletes. He said that it was only right to support the other sports because they supported the football team every Saturday.  

The most memorable moment I have of Gerald was when the men's basketball team played Texas Tech on Valentine's Day this past year.  

I'll just let this picture speak for itself.

Gerald is also a very devout Christian.  In his time at OU, he was the president of the campus Fellowship of Christian Athletes chapter, an organization with which he was very involved in high school as well.  

I had the privilege of sitting down with him and talking to him about that.  I've posted the article here so that you can look at it.

When it comes to the combine and the draft, people tend to focus way too much on the talent of a given individual and don't give him enough credit for the upstanding person that he is.  

Many of these athletes have been through a lot in their lives that has helped shape the way that they play, their work ethic, and their overall perspective on life.

No matter where Gerald McCoy gets drafted, the team that gets him will be getting an outstanding defensive tackle.  

But more importantly, they'll be getting an outstanding human being.