HBK Is "Mr. Wrestlemania", Not The Undertaker.

Santiago M. IlizaliturriContributor IFebruary 26, 2010

From the looks of things, this week's big debate is "The Streak vs Career". So I have decided to write my first article on this very popular matter. I may be wrong in the eyes of many here on b/r, but I honestly doubt that. How can anyone think so low of Shawn Michaels and his position in the WWE? First off, if HBK retires and plans to hang the boots, WWE previously has assured us that he will get the Ric Flair type of good bye. In other words WWE would have been giving him a farewell starting with the Hall Of Fame inductions just like they did with Flair. I truly believe that everyone in that company agrees with me when I say that Shawn's presence in the WWE means a lot more than Flair's ever did. Now if you want to argue that, go ahead but I said WWE, not wrestling.

I really doubt that it's crossed your minds that HBK is Mr. Wrestlemania. So why is HBK considered Mr. Wrestlemania? WWE will reply by saying his matches have stole the show at many Wrestlemanias. I partially agree, but "Mr. Wrestlemania" does not include losses in his personal favorite matches on his DVD. Yes he did steal the show at Wrestlemanias 10, 12, 14, 20, 21, 24 and 25. How many of those matches did he win? Only two, and they were at Manias 12, and 24. At WM 12 it was the Iron Man Match where he earned his first WWE championship reign, and 24 in the Career of Ric Flair vs HBK match. Those two matches are now about as significant to the WWE than most in the company's history are.Now if he loses at this one, his overall WM record will be six wins and eleven losses. So I doubt a record like that earned him the name.

Many of you think that WWE would have not continued with the streak just so it it could end. Maybe you are right, but I think that Mr. Wrestlemania needs to live up to his name before saying good bye. I'm pretty sure WWE will have a HBK farewell tour when he decides to hang the boots. I also think that the Undertaker does not mind one bit losing the streak to Mr. Wrestlemania. Just because the streak ends don't mean it never happened, and I doubt it will ever be topped. Lets not forget that Undertaker has stole the show probably at as many WMs as HBK. He has been the winner in every single one of those matches too. So I leave you with this question. If the streak continues, does HBK deserve to be retired as Mr. Wrestlemania?