HBK's New Entrance Movie: Does It Tell Us That Shawn Will Stay?

Lionheart NicoloContributor IFebruary 26, 2010

For the past few days, I've been writing articles about Shawn Michaels' possible retirement. And I, along with a number of B/R faithfuls have concluded that in basic human logic, HBK will indeed retire at WrestleMania.

My assessment was that HBK will again fail to end The Undertaker's streak, meaning he'll be signing his retirement papers.

Though it's very sad to lose the Showstopper, we must face the facts. His body is worn out, and tarnished is his wrestling performance.

And for the past months, Michaels have brought up his idea of hanging up his boots this year. Again, in logic, it seems that the end is near for HBK.

Just recently this month though, we were able to see something new in HBK's entrance: the TitanTron to be particular. He carries a brand new entrance movie, seven years in the making, which is quite shocking if he would be leaving soon.

In fact, he uses the HBK logo in the picture above in his new TitanTron. The TitanTron also features recent photos of his, in contrast with his past entrance movie which showcased flicks of Michaels from 2002. This new entrance movie is his fourth, by the way.

Is this a sign of HBK staying at the industry after WrestleMania? Or is this entrance movie of no significant matter concerning Michaels' career?

My thoughts, HBK will still be retiring at WrestleMania. This new entrance movie might've been created for his future Hall of Fame induction or when the WWE needs him again to do sporadic returns.

In addition to that, they might have created it because Michaels' look has changed a lot since 2003, and his past TitanTron was getting old. Another reason is to change Michaels' present persona because of his present storyline, because if you have seen his new Tron, you might've observed that it's kind of serious.

What are your thoughts on this?