Dear David Stern, Minimize the NBA and Make the Game Interesting Again

Quentin HaynesContributor IFebruary 25, 2010

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Right now, NBA commissioner David Stern has reported the NBA to losing at least $400 million due to the declining economy and a "crippling" labor agreement.

I understand the NBA is losing money but I have to ask: Is this a ploy to let the fans know why there's going to be a lockout in 2011? Maybe so.

I digress. I believe the NBA really should consider this: What if we decreased the amount of NBA teams? Right now, there's 30 teams in the NBA. I believe the NBA should go back to the 1980s where you had fewer teams with more talent.

Not like mid 80's where the Celtics and Lakers had multiple No. 1 picks on the team and could add an All Star type of talent for over the hill veterans or players who never mattered in the NBA. I would like the NBA to decrease and go back into the 1990s where you had a couple of teams who could win a championship ( Chicago, New York, Houston, Utah, Portland, Seattle) and some teams who had some good seasons with promising young talent (Atlanta, New Jersey, Orlando, Indiana, LA Lakers).

As I write this, there are six teams who do not have 20 wins this season. Before I name some main reasons why the NBA should do this plus how I would do it: 30 minus six equals? 24.

1. Fewer Teams + Increasing HS and NCAA Talent = Better Draft Picks?

Yes. In the 1980s and 1990s, there were a lot of bad draft classes but there were reasons for that (cocaine academic being the main one). Looking at this 2010 draft class, imagine if there were six fewer teams in the NBA? Teams move up and some teams can actually have a chance to get "their" player.

2. More Talent on Fewer Teams Means Better Games

Go watch a Celtics-Lakers game from the 1980s. Go Watch a 76ers-Warriors game or maybe a Knicks-Suns game from the 1980s. Those games had a lot of talented players and although there was some blowouts, these games were usually close games.

Move to 2010 where there's so much talent in the NBA and in college coming up, the games would be more intense and the the daily "nap game" every NBA night would become at least watchable because of the talent on teams.

Here's What I would Do If I Was Changing the NBA

1. To pick what teams would be eliminated, I would go to attendance to pick the unlucky six. From 2004 to early 2010, I would pick the lowest attendance teams and eliminate them. Here they are (I got this off of ESPN and I will only post the bottom six).

2004—Atlanta, New Orleans, Orlando, New Jersey, Memphis, Miami

2005—New Orleans, Atlanta, Charlotte, Orlando, New Jersey, Milwaukee

2006—Portland, Atlanta, Houston, Orlando, Memphis, Minnesota

2007—Memphis, Philadelphia, Indiana, Charlotte, Atlanta, Oklahoma City

2008—Indiana, Memphis, Oklahoma City, Sacramento, New Orleans, Minnesota

2009—Sacramento, Memphis, Indiana, Minnesota, Charlotte, New Jersey

Early 2010—New Jersey, Memphis, Sacramento, Philadelphia, Indiana, Minnesota

From those numbers (plus others off of ESPN), here are the six I would eliminate:

Charlotte, New Orleans, Memphis, Milwaukee, New Jersey, and Sacramento.

2. After removing those six teams: Here's what the NBA would look like


Atlantic—New York, Toronto, Philadelphia, Boston

Central—Indiana, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit

Southeast—Atlanta, Miami, Washington, Orlando


Pacific—Los Angeles L, Los Angeles C, Golden State, Phoenix

Northwest—Oklahoma City, Denver, Utah, Minnesota

Southwest—Portland, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston

I know Stern will NEVER do this but what do you think? If you have a idea that you would wanna change in the NBA, what would it be?

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