Top Sports Rants of All-Time

Thomas BrownSenior Writer IJuly 6, 2008

There's nothing more hilarious or humoring than listening to a coach go ballistic after a game or even when a reporter just rubs him the wrong way. It is amazing because we expect these larger than life figures to be the calm men we picture in our heads. But when some of these guys get angry, it's simply time to back away and let them vent.

I thought I would take a look at some of the greatest sports rants of all-time. From baseball to college football, to woman's college basketball, the list is complete with some of the most hilarious moments of all-time in sports rants. My first place selection might surprise you. There is also one not so sports related rant/interview with my main man Jim Rome located at the end for your personal entertainment.

10. Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State Football Head Coach
Gundy stands up for his players and calls a newspaper out for taking a cheap shot at his player.

9. Tony La Russa, St. Louis Cardinals Manager
Tony La Russa is upset about a newspaper's article about the Chicago Cubs and decides not to answer the reporter's question.

8. Jim Mora, Indianapolis Colts Head Coach
Mora is upset about turnovers then says he hope that the Colts can just "win a game."

7. Kevin Borseth, Michigan Wolverines Woman's Basketball Coach
Borseth makes a great entrance as he goes on to complain about rebounding.

6. Herm Edwards, New York Jets Head Coach
Herm Edwards tells how it's important to "win the game!"

5. Dan Hawkins, Colorado Buffaloes Football Head Coach
Hawkins goes on to rant about how Colorado is a D-1 football program! And if you don't like it, go play intramurals.

4. Hal McRae, Kansas City Royals Manager
McRae gets upset after reporters ask him "stupid questions" and goes on to throw things everywhere.

3. Allen Iverson, Philadelphia 76ers guard
Iverson discusses his frustration that the media is only talking about him missing one practice instead of his on-court production.

2. John Chaney, Temple Men's Basketball Coach
John Chaney nearly gets into a fight with opposing head coach John Calipari after a Temple player was ejected for throwing elbows at the opposing team and threatens, "I'll kill you!."

1. Lee Elia, Chicago Cubs Manager
This rant occurred in 1983 after the Cubs lost a one-run game in which the hometown Wrigley fans were booing the Cubs the entire game. (Warning: Explicit language)

*BONUS* My favorite, border-line sports-related rant goes to Jim Rome.