Money in the Bank: A Spectacle to Behold

Joseph CapozziCorrespondent IFebruary 25, 2010

I would like to start zeroing in on Money in the Bank, 2010 and cast it as the match I'm already looking forward to the most because of the participants who have already qualified for the match: Christian, Dolph Ziggler, Kane, and Shelton Benjamin.

One of these men have been in all but one of the Money in the Bank match, and another has a fair amount of experience as well. Both men know how to make it a real spectacle. Both of the men who have been involved have special purposes in the match, which is why they have been in it so frequently. Both men participating will go on to do something very special, but will very rarely win.

Kane is the big man of the match so far, and is usually amongst one of two big men who particpates in the match. The reason that Kane is so often in this match is because, for a man his size, he is quite possibly the most agile, and the most willing to take bigger chances. Thus, Kane can add to the match, and then simultaneously play the role of catcher for the bigger spots in the match. After all, it wouldn't do for our next man to jump into a sea of smaller men who would have a harder time of lessening his fall.

Shelton is basically the biggest highlight of the match, in that he is essentially a more technical Jeff Hardy. Shelton Benjamin jumps off of high things, as well as slams people off of them. It's why Shelton is always in these matches, it's where he really shines. Shelton has all the athletic ability in the world, as well as having the mindset that lets him do anything when the lights are on bright. Because of this combination of factors, he really shines in these matches.

Now, while these men are staples in this match, I don't feel that either of them really have a significant chance of winning this match. They're both impressive, for sure, and Shelton may even have the potential to win the match. However, the role that I feel Shelton plays in this match is to deliver his moments, more so than to win. Though with his push, it's arguable that Shelton could win it, but it just doesn't seem like he will. Kane also will most likely not win, as he is neither over enough, nor does he seem to really need the win, if management wished to push him.

Now, we'll move to the other two men int he match. The two men who, so far, have an incredible chance to win Money in the Bank. We'll move now to Dolph Ziggler, and Christian, both of whom are extremely good candidates to win Money in the Bank for a number of reasons.

Dolph Ziggler was so over when he was wrestling against the likes of Rey Mysterio, and John Morrison for the Intercontinental Champion, and he has the capability to put on amazing matches while drawing the ire of the fans. Further, he has an essential component that many wrestlers lack today: the know-how to string a match together and make it flow.

Dolph Ziggler has all the tools to be pushed to the top, as he has the arrogant heel look and feel down to a T, as well as having an expansive moveset, and a good amount of in- ring psychology. Dolph Ziggler is someone to watch in the match, despite the stalling of his push. Perhaps WWE creative has finally decided to move forward with the push they had intended to give him.

Next up, we have Christian, who is the ladder match veteran of the match thus far. While Christian is not a staple in Money in the Bank as Shelton and Kane are, Christian is without a doubt the person to string the match together, which gives him a role in the match. Given the number of ladder matches he has been involved in, he is the general to put everything into motion.

However, for those who go back and watch Money in the Bank of 2009, as well as those who have seen the crowd reactions to Christian as of late, they will see that Christian's popularity has been increasing exponentially since his return to WWE. He got over on ECW, and now that he has taken his place on the Raw roster, it could be time for his push to reach all new heights, much the same way his long time friend Edge did.

Now the question becomes, who is left to fill out the field for Money in the Bank for 2010? There are a lot of names that are being thrown around for this, and a lot of people have a lot of good ideas. Here are the people who I feel would serve a purpose, as well as feel like legitimate contenders to win the match.

Jack Swagger-There is a lot of talk about Swagger amongst the IWC. Swagger is quite a wrestler, and is probably amongst the most technical big men to ever grace the WWE. He wrestles with a ground game, but he is big enough to pull off the same power moves that guys such as Batista, Cena, and Triple H can do with ease. Swagger wouldn't add much to the match in terms of ladders. What he would add is another big man to catch guys such as Shelton when they jump off of really high things, though it'd be fairly unlikely that he would win.

Kofi Kingston-Kofi was an absolute spectacle in last year's match, and did quite possibly the most memorable thing of the entire match: climbed a ladder to nearly the top while it was being held up by someone. There are a lot of impressive things that go on in that match, but no one else can say that they've done that. Further, given that WWE has been showing a lot of faith in Kofi, and pushing him toward bigger things, Kofi could be a legitimate contender in this match.

John Morrison-John Morrison failed to qualify for Money in the Bank, and instead lost the spot to Dolph Ziggler. However, as far as I have seen, WWE has no plans for Morrison going into Wrestlemania, and as such, it seems likely that Morrison will be placed into this match so as to keep him in the spotlight.

Morrison has proven in the past that he is capable of creating spectacles at Wrestlemania, and has produced incredible ladder matches with Jeff Hardy, on Raw back in '06, at Armageddon in '06 with the Hardyz, Kendrich and London, and Regal and Taylor, and Money in the Bank at Wrestlemania 24, where Morrison was the highlight of the match. Further, given rumors of Morrison stating he will not resign if he does not win a World Title by the time his contract expires, it can only be speculated that Morrison would be a favorite to win this match.

Matt Hardy-Matt Hardy provides the match with another veteran, other than Christian, and perhaps Shelton, who would know how to piece the match together well. This means that rather than having two guys trying to tell six other people how and what to do, they will now how three to five, if you include Morrison and Kane, and are now only leading the remaining three through the mist. Matt Hardy may be a darkhorse to win it, though it seems unlikely that he would given the lack of pushing that WWE has done for Matt Hardy.

I wish that I could say that I see Evan Bourne being thrown into the mix. With his amazing prowess in the air, I can almost guarantee that adding him to the match would do wonders for him. He has a style that seems almost perfect for the addition of ladders, as his two primary signature moves can both be performed off a ladder.

Further, Evan Bourne can produce a lot of the same lightning quick movements that Kofi Kingston is capable of, while still maintaining an impressive technical onslaught. However, with that said, WWE has not really done much to push Evan forward to such a stage, so the odds are against him being in such a match.

Money in the Bank is always a spectacle to behold, and with the talk of it becoming its own pay-per-view, this may be the last time we see it in the massive sold out arenas of Wrestlemania.

However, WWE has all the tools to make this Money in the Bank better than all the ones in the past.