What To Think About Tiger Woods

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What To Think About Tiger Woods
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Well, what do you know, another great athlete gets in trouble. Why is it that most athletes have to take advantage of their greatness and waste it all by being selfish?

Most athletes have everything in the world, and most kids dream to be them. When I heard that Tiger Woods was going to make an apology live on national television, I didn't know what I was going to do. It was just once again another star saying "sorry" to the world about his problems.

However, like most of America, I sat down and watched this speech.

People can either believe Tiger or they can think he was a fake in his apology. I am a person that believes he wasn't too sincere in his speech.

Most people aren't sorry for what they have done, but they feel bad for getting caught and feel the need to apologize. That is how I feel of this Tiger Woods scandal. After the car accident in November, this was all over the news. Even Brett Favre wasn't the center of attention anymore. 

Everyone in this world, including myself, thought Tiger Woods was this family man and one of the greatest guys alive. Think again.

I bet after this conflict, everyone changed their minds quickly with the exception of a few people. Tiger may have said sorry so many times in his speech, but he didn't sound convincing enough to me.

Although I would like to believe that Tiger was sincere, I just can't at this moment in time. I would love to see Tiger Woods back on the golf course, but does he deserve it after all of this?

Some people will say, "Who cares? Let him play, it's not that big of a deal." Others will want him banned from golf forever. Could golf survive without Tiger?

I know that the ratings for the golf games are down now that Tiger isn't competing. Then again, I think we all know Tiger will be back on the course.

How will this effect is skill though? People change after serious incidents like this, we will see what will happen with Tiger in the near future.

For now though, let's stop talking about Tiger Woods and let's focus on the NBA season that is soon heading to the playoffs or maybe the Winter Olympics.

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