Doug George Named Crew Chief for Ron Hornaday by Kevin Harvick Inc.

Horn FanSenior Writer IFebruary 25, 2010

It's a NASCAR Southwest Tour reunion at Kevin Harvick Inc. as Doug George was appointed the new crew chief for Ron Hornaday, his No. 33 Longhorn team, and general manager of KHI Rick Carelli, who on race weekends can be found in the 33 pit.

It brings together the three drivers who were involved in arguable one of the most classic championship race battles NASCAR has ever seen.

As the story goes, Hornaday had the 1992 Southwest Tour championship wrapped up, according to both George and Carelli.

Only 77 points separated Hornaday in first, George in second and Carelli in third heading into the season finale.

Early in the race Hornaday thought he lost the championship when another driver's exhaust pipe flew through his windshield, broke a bone in his right arm and put him behind the wall for repairs.

But as Yogi told us, "It ain't over till it's over."

With 10 laps to go, George, running in third, was in position to win the championship when he was chopped by another car that sent him wrecking into the fence.

George would be unable to continue, and that meant that Carelli now had the chance to win the championship. Unfortunately, Carelli blew a tire, hit the wall, and was seriously injured.

Carelli had five broken ribs resulting from another driver hitting his car's driver door, and the wreck caused a major pile up.

As legend has it, Hornaday made it through the melee.

"So here I am with a busted windshield and roof, brakes that barely work and it looks like I'm going to win [the championship] but coming to the checkered flag, I broke a gear in the transmission; I burned out the clutch," Hornaday said.

Hornaday would be told by his crew to get out and start pushing.

"I hadn't had a DNF [Did Not Finish] all year, so every one started pushing the car around ther track," he said and Horn won the championship by three points.  

"It's really a small world when you think about how everyone ended up in the same place working for the same guy."

My only question is: Why wasn't George named his crew chief back in December?

It sure will be exciting to see these three former adversaries, all working with one goal in mind: to have Ron Hornaday win his fifth championship and become the series-first to repeat as champion.

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