Alexis Serna: Should Blame For the Recent Bomber's Punting Mishaps Fall on Him?

Chris Allen@@ChrisATheTruthSenior Analyst IJuly 5, 2008

The question of the season so far for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers is this: should we be blaming Alexis Serna for his punting fumble in Week 1 and his 18-yard loss in Week 2.

The answer: NO!

Do you really think that it would be fair to blame Serna for this. Absolutely not! Here are some reasons why:

1.Serna is not supposed to be punting. Duncan O'Mahony stubbed his toe while going to the bathroom two weeks ago this Sunday, and has not recovered from his broken toe, which is understandable. However, this rookie was placed into a punting job with which he is not familiar with. This is definitely not fair to Alexis Serna.

2. Alexis Serna is a rookie. Ladies and Gentleman, please put yourself in the following situation: You are a 24 year old who has just come out of college. You are known as the best college placekicker, and called to the training camp of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, a CFL team. You are then launched into the starting placekicking position. All of a sudden, the punter breaks his toe, and you are forced to punt and kick.

Also, look at the replays from these two mishaps. This, however, may not be fair, because in Week 1 the starting center for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers was injured, and they are now using a backup center. However, I think that I still must mention that in both cases, the snaps were poor. It, however, would not be fair to "bash" the center, because he, just like Serna is a backup punter, is also a backup center / long snapper.

So in conclusion, it is up to you to decide whether you are going to blame Alexis Serna for the punting mistakes or not. I, however, have decided that due to the circumstances, blaming Serna would just not be right.

-Chris Allen

Notes: Please comment on your answer to this question: Do you blame Alexis Serna for the recent punting mishaps? Why or why not?