UFC 86: Winners and Losers

Nick ColonSenior Analyst IJuly 5, 2008

Yep, you guessed it.  The man pictured above is the true winner of UFC 86 this past Saturday night.  Forrest Griffin pulled out an amazing win over a very tough competitor in Quinton "Rampage" Jackson.

The momentum of the fight started to sway Griffin's way immediately at the beginning of the second round.  Griffin hit Jackson with a mean right kick to Jackson's lower thigh, and Griffin cashed in on the opportunity.  With a grimace on his face, Jackson could not hide the pain the kick induced into his thigh, and Forrest capitalized by taking him down for the rest of the round and methodically battering Jackson's face.  The next two out of three rounds went to Griffin, including a decisive fifth round.

Griffin said afterward that as much as he didn't want to, it looks like he and Rampage will square off again.  "Every punch hurt," said Griffin. 

Aside from the Griffin/Jackson fight, a few other fighters seemed to rise to the occasion.  Included in those fighters are Tyson Griffin and Melvin Guillard, who both handled their bouts in dominant fashion.  Griffin handily won a decision over Marcus Aurelio, while Guillard knocked out Denis Siver in a matter of 36 seconds.

There weren't too many losers on this card.  However, besides the UFC Light Heavyweight title changing hands, there were other fighters not named Rampage that didn't fare too well. 

Among those fighters were Joe "Daddy" Stevenson, Patrick Cote, Ricardo Almeida, and Chris Lytle. 

Lytle survived what can only be called a brutal beating at the hands of Josh Koscheck.  The first round was a very lackluster one, with neither fighter doing much, and from the end of the second round, to the end of the fight, Lytle's face was a bloodied mess.  He showed a ton of heart, but it doesn't heal many wounds he suffered over his right eye.

As for Stevenson, he was lucky to grasp a submission win over Gleison Tibau via guillotine choke, but the first round, and the majority of the second was Tibau dominating Stevenson.  He didn't show much improvement from the Penn fight, but he won, and a win is a win.

The Cote/Almeida fight was not as anticipated, as the normal cliche of striker versus grappler was on display.  Both fighters hesitated to let loose, and that made for a boring fight.  Almeida won the first round, but Cote got the decision based on the last two rounds.

Overall, I would give this UFC card a B rating, as it was entertaining in some of the fights, and disappointing in others.  The main event was exactly as it should be, exciting.  My record of betting based on my predictions in my last post is 7-2...with losses coming on the Hill/Buchholz fight and the Cote/Almeida fight, though I'll take that loss as a win because I wanted Cote to win.  Good night of MMA.