Go Team USA...?

Rufus NavarroContributor IJuly 5, 2008

The newest dream team starts playing next month in China for Summer Olympics 08.


Remind you of something? 



Yeah, the day America changed forever.

What does this mean to our country? 


If team USA doesn't win, what does this mean?


It'll be the biggest disgrace in the history of modern civilization in our great country.

My boy, Lebron, leads the team of All Stars to China to go for the gold.

If they lose again to losers like Ginobili, Scola, and those other Latins, I will take away my citizenship on my own.

Yeah, you heard me.

I will put all the blame on Coach K. 

Why? Because he deserves it.

Who should really be coaching the team? 

What man can possibly have enough will power and motvation skills to make the team win?


You know who Im talkin bout.


Think bout it.

He will lead our great country, USA, into un prevously had before prosperty. 

He played ball with the tar heels.