What's Going On Inside The Mind Of LeBron James?

Greg CookseyCorrespondent IJuly 5, 2008

Other then the Indians possibly trading C.C. Sabathia the big talk of the town this week in Cleveland was  the hero's welcome LeBron James received while traveling to New York city for an event  with the USA Basketball team.

Of course, this  recent occurrence has sparked quite the case of paranoia in this city, and with good reason. Fans here in this city have for to long been kicked in the stomach and run over by what has seemed to be athletes with hearts of gold, so naturally you can understand where they are coming from when commentators in the national media start talking about LeBron James packing up and leaving for the NYC.

Whenever a  reporter from the national media like Stephen A. Smith makes a generalization about LeBron, and says something like " LeBron did not take a multi-million dollar endorsement from Nike just to do commercials  for the extra money, he did it because he loves coming to New York, LeBron did not do a taping for Saturday Night for the extra money, he did it because he loves coming to New York, and don't be surprised if after his contract ends in three years, he jumps ship and comes to New York and becomes an even bigger superstar"  the people in the city shiver.

The fear of losing one more superstar athlete who is one of us, and says he wants to bring us a championship here to us is just to great of feat for us to handle.

Folks let me just say this, I love this city, I love the Browns, Cavaliers, Indians, and even the Gladiators. They are a reflection of everything this city hopes for and works, for and we are very proud people waiting in line for our chance to hang a banner with all the other sports fans in the world.

That said we must stop trying to get into the mind of LeBron, sure he may love to go to New York and hang out and spend of time there. Do you actually think that because that's where he enjoys spending his vacation time (whatever small vacation he has) it means it's a sure fire thing that's were he plans his residence? Think of what your favorite vacation spot is, Orlando, Virginia Beach, Mertel  Beach. Just because you may like to visit there every summer ( or winter if it's Orlando) does not mean that all of a sudden your going to tell your boss your picking up and moving their, it's simply a place you might go once or twice a year to find solace and piece of mind. A chance to get away from it all for a bit.

That's what New York is like for LeBron, for him when he is not doing a commercial shoot, the bright lights and sights and sounds of an  alive city  with plenty to do while he has spare time, help him relax. Like it or not it's his place of solace.

So what is going through the mind of LeBron, I don't know, it's not my place to try to figure that out.

Maybe LeBron would like to make New York City his home, maybe he is just so frustrated with his current situation in Cleveland that when his contract ends he will say "You know what I gave you a chance to work with me I told you what I wanted and needed, so now I am gone" that's completely possible he has made up his mind with that decision, and is at peace with that.

However, it is not out of the realm of possibility that LeBron is just trying to be a people pleas er and playing to the crowd, giving the national media what they want to see. LeBron seems to be a very active part in this community as evidence by the bike at-hon charity event he held in Akron a couple weeks back, and seems to have a sense of pride to see this community succeed but to also be part of this communities success. He seems to have a great pride in that.

Whatever decision he makes will be just that LeBron's decision. If he decides he could do better in New York and takes a bunch of money to join the Knicks or the Nets when they move to Brooklyn so be it. It will be in pursuit of something you and I would both like to have, more money. It would all but mean death to the sport of basketball in this city, but the order of this city is Browns first, Indians second, and then with Ohio State football thrown into the mix the Cavs are a distant third or fourth when there's time for them. It's just the way this city works.

The bottom line is just that rather then losing sleep over whether LeBron will stay or go, let's appreciate the fact we have one of the greatest Athletes ever to grace the world of sports, and we are so lucky to have him. To paraphrase something Troy Smith said after the Buckeyes were defeated in the national championship a couple years ago, if LeBron leaving in a couple years is the worst thing that happens to us, then I'm pretty cool. I am not losing any sleep over it and nether should any other cavs fan. Life has more pressing matters.