Montreal Alouettes Still Undefeated with 38-24 Win against Winnipeg

Chris Allen@@ChrisATheTruthSenior Analyst IApril 9, 2017

In Montreal, Quebec on Friday night the sun was setting and it was time for the Montreal Alouettes' home opener. Ben Cahoon had a chance to take the club record for most TD receptions from Peter Della Riva, with whom Cahoon was tied at the start of the game with 55 touchdowns.

However, the first TD of the game went to Jamal Richardson with 9:50 left in the first quarter. Richardson, a WR for the Alouettes, had a b-e-a-utiful one-handed grab fro QB Anthony Calvillo. This catch was TSN's Sportscenter's HON (Highlight of the Night).

With 3:56 left in the quarter, Alexis Serna was up to punt after Kevin Glenn threw an incomplete pass on 2nd-and-3. The long snap was very inaccurate, and Serna was able to grab it, but it slipped out of his fingertips, resulting in a fumble.

Serna would be tackled by Richardson, who also had the TD pass earlier. It may have been a coincidence, but Serna (No. 18) was tackled by Richardson (No. 18) for an 18-yard loss.

Then, it happened. Anthony Calvillo dropped back out of the pocket, and was able to get the ball off before being tackled. The ball landed just inside the end zone in the arms of the Alouettes' new all-time leader for TD receptions, Ben Cahoon.

In a show of appreciation, Peter Della Riva made his way up to the TSN commentators booth to congratulate Cahoon on his achievement.

With 13:03 left in the second quarter, Kerry Watkins broke two tackles to get an 18-yard TD, making the score 21-0 for the Alouettes with just over one quarter finished. The Bombers needed to show more intensity and enthusiasm in their playing if they wanted to have a chance.

However, the Montreal Alouettes would be the next to score with yet another TD pass, this time to Desriveaux. With just over two minutes left in the half, this would make the score 28-0 for the Alouettes.

However, the Bombers would get on the scoreboard before halftime. With 1:22 left before the end of the half, Charles Roberts ran one in for the team, his second of the season, making this a 21-point game. Not too enticing, I know. The Alouettes would kick a 42-yard field goal, making the score 31-7.

The Bombers were the first to score in the second half, closing in on the Alouettes. Derick Armstrong caught a 29-yarder from QB Kevin Glenn in the end zone, closing the lead to 17 points.

Then the Winnipeg Blue Bombers had their biggest play of the night. QB Anthony Calvillo threw an interception and Jevon Johnson broke a tackle to run 80 yards all the way back for the TD, bringing the score to 31-21.

Kevin Glenn then threw a huge pass to Terrence Edwards on second down, who would gain 35 yards. This ended with a nine-yard field goal attempt for Alexis Serna, which was good, bringing the score to 31-24 for the Alouettes.

Folks, hold onto your hats! We have ourselves a game!

On a 2nd-and-15 with 7:52 left in the fourth quarter, Anthony Calvillo had a 15-yard run all the way for the first down. Calvillo had a 29-yard run later in the series. This would set up a one-yard TD run for Avon Colbourne, which would put the nails in the coffin for Winnipeg, as there were only about five minutes left.


Player of the Game

Oooh, this is a tough one. Just kidding, Ben.

Congrats to Ben Cahoon for receiving my player of the game award...a group hug from fellow players for breaking the club's all-time TD reception record!

Ben Cahoon is a role model for all Montreal Alouettes players, young and old, and he deserves to be honoured. Congrats again!