UFC 86 Quick Picks

Nick ColonSenior Analyst IJuly 5, 2008

Wow.  What a night tonight plans to be, since in about 2 hours I'll be glued to my tube to watch what hopes to be at least two amazing fights in Forrest vs Rampage and Almeida vs Cote.

What to watch for?  Quickness.  I'm going to go out on a limb...a big one that is...and say that tonight will be marked by quick fights.  Why?  Because tonight has some heavy hitters in the lineup.  I'm talking HEAVY.  Lets see what I predict:

Quinton vs Forrest

Well, this has been one we've waited for a good four months now.  Since we found out these two would be coaching the show, we knew that they'd be meeting at the conclusion, and here it is.  I predict this one to be one of the longer fights of the night, maybe even going 4-5 rounds, but in the end, I think Forrest outlasts Quinton.  Honestly, I wouldn't cry if Rampage won though, as I am a true fan of both fighters.  Such a good day for MMA.

Cote vs Almeida

I gotta say this is as much exciting to me as the main event.  I am also a true fan of both these fighters.  I will make this short as this is supposed to be my "Quick Picks".  I am rooting for Cote to win.  With that being said, Almeida has a better chance of beating Anderson Silva, therefore Almeida via second round submission.

Stevenson vs Tibau

My brother would kill me if I took Tibau here.  I would too.  Joe Daddy is a great fighter, and his pace is very good.  I look for Stevenson to rebound from the BJ Blowout (so coincidental), with a very good win over Tibau.

Koscheck vs Lytle

Lytle looked physically great at the weigh-ins yesterday.  Very proud.  No more mister nice guy.  However, I think though Koscheck is going to win this one in a quick fashion, with his next shot against 170 lb. newcomer BJ Penn up next.

The other Griffin vs Aurelio

The odds makers love Aurelio here as a heavy underdog to beat the only man to conquer the Urijah Faber mountain.  I'm not a betting man though, and though Aurelio could surprise me, I expect Tyson to come out on top, and hopefully set up that rematch with Faber soon.

Gonzaga vs McCully

This has KO written all over it.  First round KO too.  I'm expecting Napao to show so much improvement over his last lackluster performance versus Werdum, and to add a highlight reel KO to McCully.

Gurgel vs Miller

This one is a good one.  Gurgel definitely will find problems in Miller's height differential.  Miller is very lanky, and can go down with a good right hand.  I like Miller to win a decision here.

Guillard vs Siver

Guillard is explosive.  Siver isn't.  Well, he may be, but not nearly as much as Melvin is.  I don't like the fact that Melvin got busted with drugs in his system, and as far as outside the octagon goes, he must wake up.  But I like Guillard here via KO.

Hill vs Buchholz

Corey Hill and his mental partner Buddy Rowe (TUF fans understand) should notch a win here, but Buchholz is no slouch, and may pull out a win.


Well, that's my picks for UFC 86.  You know I'll be here tomorrow updating you on how I fare.  Oh, and if your betting...don't go with my picks.  I was 1-9 at the last PPV.  Not so good.  But Vera and Hughes was a lock to me.  Oh well.  Enjoy the night of fights!!!