Matt Hughes : Five Possible Fights and Outcomes

Joshua BoykenContributor IFebruary 25, 2010

Matt Hughes is one of the greatest UFC fighters, if not the greatest of all time. He is also quite possibly the greatest mixed martial artist of all-time. He has fought, and he has beat the very best in the game. Now, just like all great fighters, his road seems to be hitting a dead end.

He has a fight coming up at 112 against legendary Renzo Gracie, so do not become angered when you do NOT see his name on my top five. This is not the five fights he needs to get back to a title, it is just five options after Renzo, win or lose.

I am also NOT considering if one of the top five have a fight coming up.

5. Diego Sanchez - Last fight was a TKO 5th loss to BJ Penn

Diego, since losing to BJ, has decided to move back up to welterweight. I believe that Matt Hughes would be a good test for him to get back in the mix at welterweight.

Diego's striking ability could prove difficult to deal with, and Diego's wrestling could be just good enough at Matt's age to defend his take downs. Diego would pull this off by TKO in 2nd or maybe a UD.

4. Matt Serra - Last fight was a KO 1st win over Frank Trigg

On of the most obvious choices, although it is a lose, lose situation for Matt Hughes. I really thought they had forgiven one another, there is not reason to rekindle the flame. Matt.

If the fight did come down to it, Matt Hughes would win the exact same way. Matt Serra did not even knock Matt down with a punch, considering this, I hate Matt Hughes up all three rounds. In a rematch, the exact same fight would occur, UD or ground and pound stoppage late (Maybe) Matt Hughes.

3. Anthony Johnson - Last fight was a sub. loss to Josh Koscheck

This fight would be extremely difficult for Matt if he could not get him down. Since the loss to Josh, you can bet that is his main priority is to strengthen his take down defense and ground game. You just can't change it that fast if you might fight a high caliber wrestler.

Anthony is big and strong and could do very well against the wrestling of Matt. This is a real toss up, but if Matt comes in with the motivation he used to have.  He could get the take down and where he down. Josh is only one inch taller than Matt and he got him down and dominated. I'l go with Matt pulling it off the same way, by a choke in the second or third. Although, he might get rocked before this happens.

2. Josh Koscheck - Last fight was a sub. win over Anthony Johnson

One of the most intriguing matches on the list for some. Josh has once called out Matt Hughes, why? Nobody really knows, because Matt was not the champion at the time. Matt declined the fight, not a bad idea at all at this point in his career, he needs a decent test other than a top five competitor.

Striking, Matt could get knocked out fast, Matt will go for an immediate take down. The only question is can he get it, not this time. Josh has amazing wrestling, and looking at where they are in there careers, Josh would be too strong and powerful when they hooked up. Josh Koscheck TKO 1st or 2nd.

1. Mike Swick - Last fight was a sub. loss to Paulo Thiago

Mike Swick made the Miguel Torres mistake in his last fight, he hit Thiago got excited and got flattened. Mike will rebound better than ever, but it just wasn't his night that night.

This fight gets me really excited I think at this point in their careers it makes so much sense. If Matt wins he is back in the mix, because Mike is still a top fighter in the division, and if Swick wins he is back in the mix and maybe top 5.

Mike should rush immediately, and look for a fast knockout. This is not the Swick that has appeared recently. Swick is more cautious and this might help in this fight.

If he rushed Matt, he would get taken down and dominated, although Swick has got a ground game (Swickatine). I think that Matt could very well get away from the onslaughts of Swick, and get the takedown. He cannot lay on him and do nothing like he did against Serre though. He has to work, if not he could wide up being submitted.

Very exciting fight, Matt Hughes pulls off a risky and close UD.