HBK: I Will End The Streak! Bet Your Career On It

James TurnerCorrespondent IFebruary 25, 2010

"Every morning, I wake up and I thank the Lord everyday for giving me the strength to enjoy this journey I like to call life."

Kisses his wife and children goodbye as he heads on the road

"Every man has a legacy. Only the real and the wise live out their legacy the way God designed them to live it."

Arrives to the San Antonio International Airport

"I look back at my WWE career and I wonder to myself. I accomplished everything an ordinary wrestler would ever want to accomplish.

I've held the World Title on four occasions. Injury led me to vacate my second title run but I came back strong and won it for a third time. OH THAT DAMN SCREWJOB! So glad that's over with and in the past.

I'm glad Bret and I were able to bury the hatch on the past and find closure. Twelve years is a VERY long time to hold a grudge with anyone. I love that man. We single-handedly changed wrestling culture with that Iron Man Match. I hope he kicks McMahon's ass at Mania."

Arrives to Glendale, Arizona

"Like I was saying before, I've accomplished many obstacles than the average wrestler ever accomplished. World Titles reigns, ladder matches, DX, back-to-back Royal Rumble victories, headlined numerous Wrestlemanias.

Some will say I've done it all. I have nothing else to prove in the WWE and in professional wrestling.

I would love to fight Sting one time. He's a legend but one Sweet Chin Music would do the trick. Well, that's the Stinger. I may need about three or four to beat him.

Besides my one match I know I will never get with the Stinger, I've accomplished everything an ordinary wrestler would love to accomplish.


Arrives into the University of Phoenix Stadium

"I am the legend, the icon, the main event, the showstopper, MR. WRESTLEMANIA, Mr. WWE. The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels. I'M NO ORDINARY WRESTLER!

When you're a true legend and icon in any sport or anything you ever accomplish, it's not what you achieve but what you overcame that makes you a true legend.

I've had many failures throughout my WWE career. Some things I wish may have went a different route but nothing that I regret because God has pity on no one.

He wants you to go for what you believe in. He wants you to achieve things that no other man can achieve. If you have faith in the Lord as I do then you know you can achieve anything in the world if you set your mind to it. Well, my mind is set on only one thing in my life.

Everything I ever wanted to achieve in the WWE I have achieve at some point in my career. There is this uneasy feeling that I can't seem to shake off from my life. And I honestly don't believe it will ever fade away my life. I don't even want this feeling to even fade away. I must overcome this feeling. Overcome this task. That's what I'm going to do.

Many wrestlers are satisfy with a few title runs, maybe capturing the world title once or twice and maybe even becoming a household name in family's homes.

I accomplished that 15 years ago. Notice that I'm not being sarcastic either.

I came back in 2002 to take care an enemy now best friend of mines. He help bring the joy back into my life. Not without becoming the biggest rivalry I ever had to face in my entire career. All except for this one deadman.


There is no turning back now. His streak is on the line as well as my career. I told The Undertaker Monday night that if I don't beat him I don't have a career.

What kind of man challenges another man to a battle that he has already lost to once before? What kind of man begs for another man's challenge on the grandest stage of them all and then fail? If I don't beat the Undertaker, I don't deserve to step foot in the WWE ever again.

Why do I need to come back if I lose? I'VE DONE EVERYTHING I COULD AS A WRESTLER!

I can retire right now and be consider the greatest in-ring performer of all-time. That's not satisfying enough for me. I HAVE TO GO DOWN AS THE GREATEST OF ALL-TIME!!!!

Arrives to his locker and puts on his gear

"Kane, Triple H, Randy Orton, Edge, Kane again, Big Bossman, Ric Flair. Some of the greatest superstars in the history of this sport have gotten a chance at The Undertaker at a Wrestlemania.

Undertaker has defeated them all. I have defeated them all at some point in my career. None have defeated him where it really matters. At OUR Super Bowl.

This victory over the deadman will put me beyond the rest of the future hall of famers.

Some may ask, 'Is this what it's all about? Being better than everyone?' Yes! It is about being better than everyone.

I didn't come to the WWE to become arguably the best ever. I came to be the best ever.

Can't you all understand my pain that I go through everyday? I have this aching pain of despair. I should be at home retired from the WWE with my wife and kids, enjoying hot cocoa and playing Nintendo Wii with them.

I can't do that at this point of my life. I could but then I won't be able to enjoy myself. It's crazy that this obsession of beating the Undertaker has affected my life at home over the past year.

I haven't been able to focus or stand still for more than ten seconds. My wife thinks something is wrong with me. She thinks I need to get checked out. She's right. I won't be satisfy with my life until I end the deadman's streak."

Walking towards the entrance way

"I made not be the same HBK from back in the late 80s with Marty. I may not even be the same HBK during my peak in the mid/late 90s. One thing that has never changed in me is the ultimate competitiveness that I hold so close to me.

Call me Kobe Bryant because I'm the ultimate competitor. I compete because I want to be known as the best. There is nothing left for me to accomplish except being known as the best to everyone.

Beating the Undertaker puts me on a pedestal that no man will EVER reach throughout their careers.

And I hear people saying to give a young guy a chance to end Taker's streak. Do people really believe Dibiase Jr. is really ready to end his streak? Do people really believe Sheamus is ready to take on the streak? Is there really anyone in this company who can actually beat the Undertaker at Mania.

To everyone in the world...I'M THE ONLY MAN THAT DESERVES TO END THE UNDERTAKER'S STREAK. Ending Taker's streak takes someone who has done everything he has done.

Get it through your heads B/R and IWC. You know it? I know it. I deserve to be the one to end the deadman streak. So quit your freaking whining. I'M HBK!

If there is a wrestler who will end his streak, he sure isn't a newbie. The Undertaker plays mind games with you. You have to understand his pedigree of dominance before you face him.

Then, to face him at Wrestlemania? Where he has never lost. And we really expect a young guy to defeat the Undertaker. GIVE ME A HEART BREAK!

It's time!"

Steps out to a huge mixed reaction from the crowd. More cheers than boos. His name is chanted all over the arena.

"What puts the Undertaker above everyone else in the WWE, including HHH, is the fact that he goes out and gives it his all every single night.

The Undertaker has revolutionized the WWE just on his own. The darkness he brought, the gimmick matches he sustained success in, there's no one like him.

Casket...Buried Alive...Inferno...Hell In A Cell...how can I forget that hell in a cell match? These were all the Undertaker's creations. We made history in that hell in a cell.

And now I walk down this ramp as I await the arrival of the most influential star in WWE history, if not wrestling history.

I will never take anything away from The Undertaker. This isn't about any of his many accolades. This is about doing the inevitable. I must defeat him where he's at his best."

Undertaker arrives down the ramp and into the ring

"He stares into my eyes. I stare into his. Our eyes never leave each other. We are reading each other perfectly.

He knows that I'm very capable of ending his streak. He knows I have what it takes to defeat him. Deep inside, he wants me to end his streak. He doesn't want anyone to end it but the heart break kid.

It's the only fact that he knows no one else is capable of defeating him on this grand stage. He knows giving me a second opportunity could spell doom for him. You never want to give someone another rematch. That's unless you know you can beat him.

The deadman knows he got what it takes to defeat me and end my career. The only thing I know he's wondering right now as I stare into his eyes. 'What will it take to defeat Shawn Michaels this time around?'

It took a mistake by me to lose to him last year. There's no way in HELL I'm losing two years straight. I AM READY FOR YOU UNDERTAKER!"

Undertaker is laid out. The match is over.

"I stand here with my hand raised high above the world. The wrestling world is hurt and excited at the same time because they just witness the greatest spectacle of their lives.

They are hurting to see The Undertaker laid out on the mat to four Sweet Chin Musics. Blood is over his face. I had to laid him out.

The WWE Universe is rejoicing in bittersweet because the greatest streak in sports comes to an end. On the contrary, I'm still in the WWE. More importantly, my career has finally reach a level where no other wrestler will ever reach.

So now what's left in my career? What can I do at next year's Wrestlemania to send my career off on a good note? I must take out my best friend.

Get ready Hunter. Because once Wrestlemania 27 is over, I will remain supreme God of the WWE. And everyone will finally hail...HBK!

Now I can go back home and laid restfully in peace. I want you to all understand something. I am Shawn Michaels. The greatest specimen in the history of sports.

I am the victor of the greatest streak coming to an end. Now...whose your daddy?"

Angels pick up Shawn Michaels as he spreads his wings into immortality.


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