2011 Lockout The Reason For Roster Cuts?

Justin ScalesContributor IFebruary 25, 2010

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Let me get this straight, Panthers don't Franchise Peppers, or resign him to a deal, Eagles release Brian Westbrook, Chargers let go L.T. and now I hear Saints let go or Darren Sharper was released.  Next week T.O., Tory Holt, possibly Clinton Portis and Michael Vick, and others to follow.

Now me at first noticing the names on this list of Free agents on this list, I am thinking wow this is going to be a big offseason with the list Free agents, or is there more that meets the eye.

Grant it the Free Agents that I have listed are Veterans and almost all are over the age of 30.  Age cannot be the only reason why you release a player.  So maybe the injuries, because as we know that L.T. has never been the same since his knee injury. Brian Westbrook has not been the same, either has Shaun Alexander or Marvin Harrison either.

So I think age has to be out the window, because if 40 year old brett Farve is still playing than any of these players can still play at a high level.  Depending on who it is it can't be mostly the injuries because hard work many players also on this list of Free agents proved they can comeback and play at a high level.

It leaves it for me to believe it has to be because of the probability of the lockout, it almost makes sense from a business stand point. because they trying to turn the love of the game into a business now, which some people call the NFL now the "No Fun League".

Who is really going to pay players that over 30 that big contract if there is a lockout, the only losers in this will be the owners of the teams.  Time is not a friend for Players that are over 30, it is a business first and Owners will do whatever they can to keep money in their pockets.  It is no doubt to me also that it will be a lockout because the NFL this year is a No Cap year that is going to effect a lot of players from the Stars to the Average and the below Average.