You Would Swear It's 1970 Again: Arsenal's New Kit, New Attitude?

Dwayne BroomeContributor IFebruary 24, 2010

It's been a long time since I've written an article, mostly because of loss of inspiration, poor form in a couple of games, mental anguish, and buying a computer. But I don't want to have more excuses than Arsenel when it comes to his goalkeepers (yes, that's a cheap shot).

I finally found my muse and it's the new kit for next season. It's retro gone horribly right and I love it. But the beauty isn't just the look but the emotions behind it.

Just think about the 1970 shirt that inspired it. Think about a simpler time when the most exotic name you could think of in English football would be O'Brien. Just feel that muddy turf before and during game time.

I'm sure football romantics of the pre-Premier League days are having a bit of an orgasm right now. As for me at least we'll LOOK good in second place next year (I just had to put another cheap shot in).

But that was jokes, this is serious: Arsenal have an even better chance for medals next year. Not because of the shirts but because...............uh............Ronaldo is still gone?

My doubts are whether Van Persie will stay off the treatment table, Igor Akinfeev, or Hugo Lloris moving to London, and Fabregas staying. Oh, and that defensive side of the team.

Think about this—Gallas is most likely to leave and I heard a faint rumor about Real wanting Clichy again (but what else is new). And with Campbell and Silvestre about to be put to pasture, who will play CB?

Some of those questions will only be answered depending on our status come April. But to me what's even more important than transfers is which gunner will step up their game.

Could it be Ramsey, Bendtner, Nasri, Gibbs, Vela, Denilson, or Wilshire? I'm sure next season's team will have their fair share of problems but our strengths must outshine them.

Maybe Arsenal can do the shirts proud and win the double. But then again we don't live in "maybeland", we live in the Premier League.

And as far as I'm concerned if our mental toughness doesn't change it'll just be a waste of a good kit and an embarrassment to McLintock and the boys.