WM 26: Can Edge Vs Chris Jericho Possibly Live Up To Expectations?

DidoContributor IFebruary 24, 2010

We've salivated for months about it. We begged the WWE to make this match happen. We discussed the possible ways the WWE could make this match. Finally we got our answer, and our dream match will happen.

"The Rated R Superstar" Edge vs "The Best In The World" Chris Jericho.

Yeah that's right, it's going to happen. For once the WWE listened to the fans and is giving us what we want.

These two former Tag champs are going into this with huge burden on their shoulders. They are considered among the very best the WWE has to offer.

Which leaves us with the question, can these two possibly live up to expectations?

Last year Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels were faced with the same situation and thankfully, they surpassed all expectations.

Edge who is a nine time champion will be vying for his 10th. While Jericho will headline Wrestlemania for the second time in his career as defending champion.

Jericho is considered the hardest worker in the WWE. He can put up excellent matches against almost anyone he faces. Edge, the once heel Ultimate Opportunist, now a face came back with a vengeance.

Winning the Royal Rumble 2010 and going to challenge for any title at Wrestlemania.

Things are looking like Edge will most likely win since the Rumble winner has lost for the past two years.

I believe this match will be excellent since both are excellent technical wrestlers as Edge showed two years ago in his match against the Undertaker.

Chris has had numerous five star matches in his career and I believe this one will be and excellent contest.

Possible match of the year if everything clicks and works. I wouldn't get your expectations too high but surely an excellent pure wrestling match between these two.

My money is on Edge to win this one.

Who do you think will win this match?

Thanks for reading.