NFL 08-09: NFC Preview

Taylor GramAnalyst IJuly 5, 2008

Last year in the NFC we had a lot of surprises. The Cowboys getting the #1 seed, Green Bay doing so well, the Giants pulling off three road games to get to the super bowl and upsetting the Patriots. So what will happen this year? Well who really knows?  I think I'm going to try a crack at it.

St. Louis Rams - Last year the Rams were injury stricken and went no where with all the expectations people had for them. The Rams have an easier schedule according the rankings; I would say a seven out of ten.  They play the NFC East and the AFC East. In there they have the Patriots in Foxborough, and the Cowboys at home. Other notable games are the Seahawks twice and the Eagles in Philly. Although they do have the Bills, who are up and coming but not quite there yet, as well as the Jets and Dolphins, who are both hopeless.  Overall, this will be a good year for the Rams and I'll be glad to see them in the playoffs again soon.

Green Bay Packers - Last year the Pack had a break out season and snagged a 2nd seed in the playoffs and a trip to the NFC Championship game. They had an unbelievable season from Ryan Grant and great contributions from their secondary, along with the leadership of Brett Favre. This year they could have Favre or Rodgers starting at QB.  If Favre comes back and isn't traded, look out for the Packers to be yet again a dominant team. If Rodgers takes the place via trade of Favre or retirement, then the Pack will be playoff contenders but not Super Bowl winners.

Seattle Seahawks - The 07 season was a poor one for Shaun Alexander and he paid for it with his release from the team this off season. This year they brought in Julius Jones, who was released by the Cowboys and will get a good amount of carries. Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck should stay healthy the whole sason and lead the Hawks to a good year.  Look for Bobby Engram and Nate Burleson to step it up and their defense to be as good as always.

Chicago Bears - From a super bowl trip to a losing season, nothing last year sits well with Chicago fans. Neither will this season. The Chicago Bears play the great rivalry twice a year against the Packers. Last year they went 2-0 and this year doesn't have much promise for a repeat.  The Bears are on a hard decline down the drain. Rex Grossman has almost become worthless, their D has come up short from expectations and Chicago is not happy.  The Bears will face off against the Saints, Bucs, Colts, Jags, Titans, and Panthers. This will not be a good year.

Dallas Cowboys - The Cowboys are back to glory. Last year they went 13-3 but had a bad loss to the Giants in the 2nd round of the playoffs. They fought hard and beat the Packers in the middle of the season and put trust into Tony Romo. With the great off season they had signing Zach Thomas (voted smartest defender in the league by coaches) the trouble stricken Adam "Pacman" Jones to help fix the poor secondary, I look ahead and see a great season on the horizon. The only thing that worries me is the Cowboys might have two players that could clash heads. Terrell Owens, and Pac-man,  but this is what Dallas is known for; picking up players who others teams are scared of because of attitude problems. But in the past this has always worked out. Keyshawn Johnson, Michael Irvin, Deion Sanders, Tony Dorsett and many others. Next year I see the 'Boys competing for a sixth Super Bowl banner.