Daniel Bryan Still Has Some Things To Learn

Jacob BurmanCorrespondent IFebruary 24, 2010

I watched WWE NXT a few times and while Daniel has what it takes to put on a classic match, there are two things that stood out that he needs to fix. First off, the smiling. I've seen it in his youtube promos and I saw it last night. He needs to become serious and wipe that smile off of his face. Some might say he was just happy to be in WWE and one cannot blame him, however, because I've seen it in other interviews, I can't buy it. That goofy look needs to go if he wants to become a serious wrestler.

Next up, which kind of relates to the smiling, is his promos. By himself, he just cannot do it. By himself, he can't cut that promo to get himself over. When Miz came out, the promo got a lot better. It flowed more and there was a good interaction. The smiling, though, was still killing it, but at least the words came out easier. However, when he went backstage with Striker, the promo dragged again. This is where Miz can step up and help him out.

Lastly, when he is wrestling, that clenched fist seems out of place. There's no doubt he knows how to work a match, it's just that unnatural fist he clenches out of nowhere. I can understand the fist clench after he got thrown against the table, as that must have smarted. However, a lot of times in the ring he had that clenched fist, like he was Hulking Up. Seemed a bit strange.

He had a really good match with Jericho. What's funny was on twitter, one fan asked Jericho why he worked so stiff with Daniel, and Jericho wrote back:

"-awww did it upset u baby waby?"

That was comical. And Jericho is totally old school. Back in the day, you worked stiff against a new comer to see if he has what it takes. I think that bruise on Daniel's back was a purpose statement. A bruise of honor and to see if he'd cry or get right back in there and continue to fight. Now, if he works on his character, the sky is the limit. That's just my opinion, though.