Do The Cincinnati Bengals Need Chad Johnson?

Bryan Weigel@@BryanWeigelContributor IJuly 5, 2008

"How do you stop 85?" My answer is to ignore him and act like he doesn't exist. Then when he finally realizes that instead of seeing more money, he begins to see none of it, receive him with open arms. The city of Cincinnati does not hate Ocho Cinco, they are are just tired of how he thinks that no one likes him. I guarantee in the words of Chad that Cincinnati will love him if the Bengals reach the playoffs again. The Bengals would be amiss without Johnson. With the concerns of not having a healthy running back and having a poor defense, the Orange striped cats must score higher than any team in the league.

Carson is the city's golden boy. Johnson is comparable to the court jester, but this writer still believes that he is the most pivotal player on the team. Chad is the tone setter of the whole team. When he is jumping around after a touchdown or psyching his team up before the game or moping around by not getting the ball, his emotions are seen in every other players eyes.

T.J. Housyourmamma "Championship" is not the number one receiver that he thinks he is capable of. Chad would run the deep routs, draw a safety or linebacker out of the center and free up T.J. I am not doubting that he is a great receiver. He is! At Oregon State he was the number one over Chad, but since he does not have the explosive top end speed a number one receiver needs, he is not the premier receiver on this team. You cannot replace Chad's 1440 yds, 93 Receptions, 90 yards/game, or 8 TDs.

I will admit that his TDs were down but he will produce more than that with the addition of Ben Utecht to the roster. Adding a receiving tight end could allow T.J. and Chad to go deeper, spread the offense, and allow Rudi to have one of the best years of his career. He has been rested and a revamped line with Stacy Andrews as the leader is the most underrated, but effective line in the NFL.

I do belive that Chad is valuable. He will set the tone this season, but we will have to see how Chad and Carson react to each other when training camp opens at the end of this month.