An impossible journey, made possible

josh millarSenior Analyst IJuly 5, 2008

I’ve been reading Jim Nantzs book Always by my side recently, and in reading Mr.Nantz’s story of his journey to his ultimate goal of becoming a broadcaster not only of his dedication but of the support of his friends and family. Nantz’s story reminded me of my own story.


Like Nantz I love following sports perhaps because being physically disabled I could never play them but like Nantz’s I also had a strong support group and ive always wanted to give something back to them to the following people this my thanks to you.


To mom and dad for putting me through school

To Grandpa for passing along his passion and knowledge to me, talking on the phone every night helping hone my skills.


To my closest friends,

Samantha Coelho who I owe my fondness to the great game of golf, which has given me so many wonderful memories. One day dearest we WILL  grace the grounds at the masters.


To the Dobson sisters Kallie, Arron , and Megan, 3 special people along my journey who’s simple smiles made the toughest days just a little easier.


To Kate Andrews who coined me the next Don Cherry, your carefree attitude is my inspiration.


To Sarah Elizabeth Reznik  a young woman  who is  ALWAYS  present in my mind as I make this incredible journey. Your warmth and compassion are everything to me.


Finally to Felicia Briggs the one person who has truly understood this journey this long quest. She believed in me when I didn’t.


To all of you these journeys on which I embark you’ve all been a part of it and hope you will continue to support me.


Man is only as good as the people that surround him and imp surrounded by the greatest people in the world.

 Thank you all