What The Professionals at Athlon Sports Think Is The Strongest BCS Conference

Andrew MessickCorrespondent IJuly 5, 2008

It seems like everyday I get on BleacherReport there is yet another article by a die hard fan claiming there conference's supremacy.  So i decided to pull out the Athlon Sports College Football magazine and see what it had to offer.  My intent was to fine the best BCS conference from top to bottom according to the above mentioned magazine. Although we can all agree preseason rankings never hold true to the end of the season and we wont know which conference truly dominated until all is said and done I based the following assessment on the preseason rankings.


I found the sum of each conferences points by adding each teams rank and then found the average team team rank by dividing by the number of teams in the conference. For instance if Team A was ranked 1 and Team B was ranked 3 there conference points would be 4 and the average conference ranking would be 2. Following the above formula the BCS conferences rank in the following order.

1. SEC (33.83)

2. Big 12 (35.25)

3. Big 10 (38)

4. Pac 10 (39.8)

5. ACC (42.25)

6. Big East (45.47)


Beside each conference is the average ranking of the teams in the conference. However i realize the mean of each team isn't the only statistical category worth noting. So now i will rank each BCS conference by the median ranking of the teams. This will for instance, give the Big East a better showing because they don't have to worry about Syracuse holding them down because of their preseason ranking as the 90th best team in the nation.


1. Big East / Big 12 (31.5)

3. SEC (32)

4. Big 10 (33)

5. Pac 10 (37.5)

6. ACC (42.5)


No information will ever be sufficient for fans who are convinced their conference is the best, however this is just a little information to chew on. Interesting how the Pac 10 doesn't rank in the top 3 in either categories.  Neither does the ACC but you don't hear as many ACC fans declaring dominance as you do from the Pac 10.