Daniel Bryan All He's Cracked Up To Be?

Steven MorrisContributor IFebruary 24, 2010

As anyone who watches professional wrestling will know WWE NXT had its premiere episode tonight.

Now as exited as i was to see this new concept in WWE television most of the hype for the show, at least on the IWC was to do with Daniel Bryan.

I don't really follow any independent wrestling promotions and i hadn't seen Daniel Bryan wrestle prior to the Main event of NXT. Now unfortunately i was hardly impressed by what i saw. 

Now before i cast any sort of judgement on the guy i'll wait a few more weeks and hope that tonight's performance was some sort of nerves issue, because i'm sorry while he has ability the fluidity of that match with Jericho was shocking to say the least.

I'll List some of the things i noticed that made that a less than desirable match in my mind.

#1. First and foremost when you get hit by the codebreaker you need to look hurt, not like somebody hit you with a whiffle bat

#2. to have Chris Jericho Screaming for the ropes in your submission doesn't happen to many, don't return the favor by being silent and not moving in the walls.. its dis - Respect and more importantly it doesn't Sell the move.

#3.  Knee Strikes, they don't look impressive when they don't even connect

#4.  When Jericho when for the leg strikes to the chest Daniel Bryan was nearly flat on his back before the kick connected. This makes for a very unimpressive move as it has no sound and looks weak

#5.  Timing, The timing of the entire match was off, Nothing flowed well and everything seemed strained, and something tells me it wasn't because of Chris Jericho

#6.  Position, Several moves seemed like he wasn't quite where he should be, he had to almost reposition himself to make the moves look right.

But my Biggest issue with this guy, and I've touched on it in #1 is that he didn't sell a single move Jericho pulled. he gets slammed into the announce table and 10 seconds later he's back up doing some retarded gesture that looked like he was "hulking up" he slaps Jericho and Chris goes down, Chris slams him into the mat and he looks like he got tossed onto an air-bed. But worse than all of that When the Miz Goes to beat him down on the mat he couldn't even sell that, The Miz is trying to slam his head into the mat and his head didn't connect once... it just looked terrible.

Now i know a lot of the IWC thinks he's a brilliant wrestler, and he may well be, this could have all been first night jitters, a case of his nerves getting to him.

But if he's like this week in week out perhaps we'll have to admit what looks good taped on a camera phone doesn't quite look as impressive when a professional team films it in HD