Time for Panic in New York: Can the Yankees pull it Together?

Samuel SicaAnalyst IJuly 5, 2008

The New York Yankees have many questions that need to be answered over the All-Star break. They have many problems right now that need to be corrected if they are going to make a push for the playoffs.

The Yankees are currently nine games behind the AL East leading Tampa Bay Rays. The Rays are currently 53 and 32 while the Yankees are barely above .500 with a record of 45 and 42.

If the Yankees are going to make a strong run for the playoffs, they need to get it together on both sides of the ball. Their hitting and pitching have both been poor recently.

They only rank in the top five in batting average in the entire American League and they rank in the top ten in just two categories in the whole Major League.

The Yankees can attribute some of their poor performance to injury, though. The Yanks best hitter, Hideki Matsui, is on the DL right now along with Johnny Damon who injured his shoulder in yesterday’s game against Boston.

The Yankees are also missing their ace on the pitching staff. Chien-Ming Wang is currently on the DL and that leaves the Yankees with a big hole to fill.

The Yankee bats have been the real problem of late, not so much the pitching. Right now, Jason Giambi leads the team in home runs with 18. Alex Rodriquez really needs to heat up because he is the powerhouse behind the Yankees.

If A-Rod doesn’t heat up soon, the Yankees will continue to find themselves in the basement in the AL East.

A-Rod hasn’t really been playing that bad recently, but he hasn’t been hitting when the team needs him in the clutch. The Yankees were down six to four in the seventh inning yesterday when A-Rod stepped up with the bases loaded. A-Rod grounded out to third to end the inning.

He is zero for four in bases loaded situations this season. He really needs to step it up when the chips are down and help the Yankees rally from behind to win games.

A-Rod can’t win games by himself though. He needs the help from the pitching staff and everyone else on the team. Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, Jason Giambi, and Bobby Abreu also need to pick up the slack and start hitting better. They Yankees can’t win games if they don’t score runs.

I believe that they will put it together and get back into the playoff race. For some reason the Yanks have started the season off poorly the last few years but they have always found that spark to get into the playoffs.

There is still plenty of time left in the season for the Yankees to make a serious charge for the playoffs. You can bet that the Yankees will make a strong push and get into the playoffs to keep their streak alive. They may not win the division, but I predict them getting the wild card spot.