The Wright Take: WWE Focusing On Change?

Adam WrightSenior Analyst IJuly 5, 2008

Presidential Candidate Senator Barack Obama isn’t the only one thinking “Change”. In the span of two weeks, the WWE seems to have heard the cries of fans around the world, "WWE, it’s time for Change!" And did they ever deliver.


It all started at the WWE Draft on June 24th. Most fans excepted a small shake-up, but nothing compared to what was delivered. All three brands, RAW, ECW, and Smackdown saw their rosters shuffled. Rey Mysterio, Batista, CM Punk, and Kofi Kingston all went to RAW.


Smackdown gained Jeff Hardy, Mr Kennedy, and Umaga. Even the broadcast team was switched, sending Michael Cole to RAW and sending Jim Ross to Smackdown.


But the most shocking, the most unexpected move at the Draft was when Smackdown acquired someone who was considered “unmovable” by fans. The WWE Champion himself, TRIPLE H was heading to Friday nights.


At that moment, fans knew change was in the air!


Six nights later at the Pay-Per-View Night of Champions, we saw the continuation of this theme. Three Titles changed hands. But what made those Title changes so significant were the winners.


Mark Henry won his first world title, the ECW Title. Kofi Kingston, Ted DiBiase Jr. and Cody Rhodes were now reigning champions on RAW.


Finally the WWE focused on the younger and new talent. You can feel the shift going on.


But then, the next night, Monday Night RAW came around. After Night of Champions, RAW no longer had a World Champion... but not for long.


In what I would consider one of the most shocking moments in RAW History, out of nowhere, CM Punk cashes in his Money in The Bank briefcase, ensuring him a World Title shot. Thanks to the help of Batista, who worked over World Champion Edge, out came CM Punk, and just like that.... CM PUNK NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONS!


FINALLY, someone new and fresh in the main event picture! After years of Triple H, Edge, Batista, Randy Orton, The Undertaker, and John Cena holding on to gold, FINALLY we get to see...CHANGE!


RAW and ECW now have new World Champions, and on Smackdown we now have a brand new main event feud. How long have we been waiting for Triple H vs. Edge? That match could be of Wrestlemania main event calibre!


It is clear that the WWE is now focused to win back the fans. And for the first time since the “Attitude Era”, I’m feeling like ANYTHING can happen.


Can the WWE deliver change? Yes they can!


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