Piston Draft Review: Deron Washington

Mick MillerAnalyst IJuly 5, 2008

This is the final installment of a three-part look at each of Detroit's three 2008 draft selections.

Call me crazy (or any of the other names you may have already picked out), but the more I look over the players Joe Dumars drafted, the less I am disappointed.

Other than some diehard Piston fans I have talked too, most were not only surprised but appalled that the team selected Indiana power-forward D.J. White and then immediately traded him away to Seattle (oops, Oklahoma City) for a pair of second round draft choices.

While we can all agree that the draft can be a crap-shoot, if the dice come up, the Pistons really have some solid young pieces in place, including Deron Washington out of Virginia Tech.


No. 59: Deron Washington, 6'6", 202 lbs., guard/forward, Virginia Tech.

Washington has the potential to be a valuable asset off the bench and spot starter for the club.

His scoring and rebounding improved each season at the college level and his athleticism is unquestioned, a must for a two guard and small forward.

He is an explosive finisher around the rim and is a YouTube.com highlight favorite. His 6.5 rebounds per game speaks to his versatility and complete game and is impressive for a player his size.

The interesting question to me is where he begins the campaign in 2008-2009. Is he destined for the D-League or will his skill set allow for Washington to join the parent club and contribute right away.

With Walter Sharpe and Trent Plaisted taken before him, will the bench support all of the new and current young Pistons? All have to potential to be strong scorers, rebounders, and defenders while providing support at multiple positions.

Regardless the answer, the jury is still out on what the expectations for the team will be this upcoming season.

Dumars is looking to shake up the starting five with a trade off some magnitude. With free agency starting, the chips around the league should start to fall and availability and opportunity will begin to present itself and we can only sit back and wait to see what happens.

On one hand, its kind of exciting and at the same time, maddening because we all want to know which way the team will go.

First-year coach Michael Curry could have a veteran laden starting unit and the expectations that group has produced over the last six seasons, or a young squad who may be said to be ready to get to the playoffs, but really buying time to gel and grow.

Either way, I would expect these three selections from this season's draft to be part of the Piston future and I for one am excited to see their play in the upcoming Vegas league.