How to Keep The Streak Alive While Saving HBK's Career

John PaprikaContributor IFebruary 23, 2010

As we saw on the last episode of Raw, The Undertaker has agreed to a WM rematch with Shawn Michaels on the condition that HBK puts his career on the line. This now creates a 'Streak vs Career' match at WM 26. Having said that it's going to be a tough one, considering that The Undertaker's streak is one of the most successful achievements in WWF/WWE history. On the other hand, Shawn Michaels is one of the, if not the most accomplished wrestlers in WWF/WWE history and continues to put on excellent matches, particularly at Wrestlemania.

I don't believe that HBK should be the one to end the streak, seeing as that HBK is no longer the top superstar in the company and there is no need to pass the torch onto him as he is already established. All it would be is an ego trip for HBK or just another achievement for him. It wouldn't mean as much as it possibly should ending the streak. It would be the ultimate push for an upstarter who is destined to lead the comapny when wrestling becomes a pop culture phenomenon again. Someone who is as popular as Hulk Hogan was in the 80's when he was the first person to beat Andre The Giant one on one. That to me is the magnitude of how significant The Undertaker's streak is.

On the other hand, I personally don't feel it's the right time for HBK to retire. He's still a standout performer who consistently puts on five star matches for the company. Also, the retirement angle has come out all of a sudden and has given fans only roughly 6 weeks to digest this. At least with Ric Flair his angle was built up for some time, adding credibility to his retirement.

My logical solution to ensure that the streak remains alive as well as HBK's career is to have the match end in a disqualification win for the Undertaker. Have a situation where Triple H interferes and purposely assaults The Undertaker, causing HBK to get DQ'ed. His intentions could be that he didn't want to see HBK retire and should still be out there. The condition could be that HBK would only retire if he lost by pinfall or submission. A number of things can be achieved from this.

1. It ensures that the streak remains alive. It wouldn't be the first time that Taker has won by DQ at WM. He won against Giant Gonzales when he was DQ'ed for using chloroform.

2. HBK's career will still be alive as per the stipulation that I've mentioned above.

3. It could help set up a feud between Triple H and HBK as HBK feels that he cheated him out of a chance to end the streak and feels that HHH is jealous of this, causing HBK to turn on him. HHH explains that this move was to save his career. This sets up a long and personal rivalry.

4. It would mean that HHH would play a key role at WM seeing as that he is unlikely to be in the title picture. 

However, there is one problem with this scenario. Having the match end in a DQ would tarnish the credibility of this match as well as the legacy and impact that their original encounter had. It would overshadow how great the first match was and how important the Taker vs HBK rivalry at WM was.

Let me know what you think. This was just an idea that I conceived in a short period of time.