The Greatness Of Sports

Owen Stiffler@OwenStifflerContributor IFebruary 23, 2010


What are sports? Games? No, that is much too simple. Sports are to many people much more than luxury or entertainment; to many sports are life.

Not just those who have dedicated their lives to sports by being aspiring or successful athletes, but to those who live and breath the game, those whose lives are depressed when their favorite team loses or their favorite sport is out of season.

Sports have a special place in this world that no one can deny. Very few other things can bring the entire globe together, putting aside differences and even taking focus away from dreadful and debilitating wars, and uniting to celebrate and compete in sporting events such as in the Olympics or the Soccer World Cup or even such minor things as the World Baseball Classic.

As people battle and fight with words and weapons every single day the one rare thing most can agree and come together on is sports. Yes, sports are beautiful and give us all a small glimpse at what peace can really mean. 

The sports world deserves acknowledgement as such, as they can create a different world and environment from everyday life.

They bring a sort of peace, love and togetherness that is so rare in today’s day and age. Aside from presidential elections and gigantic world events, nothing sits a nation glued in front of their television sets like something as simple as the Super Bowl.

Sports transcend being only entertainment; sports create a unity unlike anything else.

Sports undoubtedly create tears, misery, and complete and utter joy. Sports multiply beliefs of superstition and jinxes. They bring to the forefront just how exciting, significant and amazing competition truly is.

History has great philosophers like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. Sports have Vince Lombardi, Phil Jackson and Bill Belichick. The ideals and realizations these worldly philosophers had compared to sports’ great thinkers have comparatively no true similarities but in their fields they are seen as some of the greatest thinkers of all time.

In a world where hate, death, wars, and disgust plague all parts of the globe, something as undemanding as sports deserves the appreciation and acknowledgement of what they truly have the capabilities of doing.

Few will argue sports can at least create temporary peace across the Earth and for that reason sports are far beyond just games; sports are harmony and tranquility. Sports are for many, life.