NHL's Five Most Pathetic Fanbases

Robert GuessContributor IJuly 5, 2008

 5. Detroit Red Wings

While I have tremendous respect for an organization that is great every season, I still can't ignore the fact that Hockeytown averages 94.2 percent of their 20,066 seating capacity. The Red Wings are always cup contenders, which should mean there is always a sellout in Hockeytown, right? The Red Wings are far from the worst though, as the list continues.


4. Philadelphia Flyers

I admit, they always have good attendance records, and the Flyers are one of Philadelphia's most successful sports franchises, which doesn't say much. So why would I add the Flyers to the list? It is Philadelphia's reputation that earned them a spot on this list. They are loyal and passionate, yet annoyingly stupid and often extremely violent.

Any sports fan who has encountered them knows their ways and understands why I put them on this list. Of course, it can just be frustrations building up over not winning a championship in the past 25 years, which has become nearly 100 seasons.


3. New York Islanders

Here are a group of fans that don't even know where their home arena is. Well, maybe it's just such a dingy place they would rather stay home and watch the game? Regardless, I don't care what their excuses are; they had the lowest home attendance average in hockey (13,640).

They also clinched the lowest total attendance, including road games, with 1,282,739. Seems like we should stop concentrating some much on the Panda's, and focus on this group, they are decreasing unlike any other species.


2. New Jersey Devils

They sell more seats than the Islanders. They have more sales, a better team, but both fans are equally annoying. So why would I give the Devils the honor of being ahead of the Islanders?

Easy, they had a brand new, beautiful state-of-the-art building, yet they still could not sellout. They did sellout their playoff games though, but for that, Devils fans can thank the Rangers' fans.

Really, an 88.3 percent capacity average is just pathetic. When one watches this clip you have to wonder. Why is it so loud in the Prudential Center when the Rangers just clinched a first-round victory?


1. Montreal Canadiens

Another team that continuously sells out, but for them, it's easy to get right to the point. On February 20, 2008, the Rangers were beating up on the Canadiens 5-0, and their fans began throwing debris onto the ice—yeah, real classy.

The Canadiens went on to win this game 6-5 in a shootout, perhaps a new tradition for Montreal? Of course, who can forget the riot?

The Habs had a first round match against the eighth-seeded Bruins, whom they went 8-0 against in the 2007-2008 season. After taking a 3-1 series lead, they were forced into a Game Seven, which they won.

After this win that was expected, the fans began to burn police cars and vandalize property. This is not even the first time in Habs history this has happened. In 1993, the fans also rioted after winning Lord Stanley's cup. 

The '93 riots cost over $1,000,000, about $500,000 more than the most recent. In the new age of tremendously cultured Canadiens fans, 10 stores were vandalized, over 13 people were arrested, and at least 16 police cruisers were damaged or even burned using fuel.

This is a new portion of the article written on July 7, 2008. I forgot to mention the Montreal Canadiens fans booing the national anthem at game seven. They have also booed it on other occasions, here is a video of the game seven.