UFC 86 Predictions: My Two Cents

Michael PerezContributor IJuly 5, 2008

Not so much an article, but just my prediction as to who will win the main event between Rampage and Forrest, and why.

Like most people, I'm predicting victory for Quinton. When comparing both fighters' attributes, Jackson is better at more things than Forrest. His striking is better, he hits harder, and he's a better wrestler (I don't care if Forrest has been training at Couture's). 

Both fighters, I think, will want to keep the fight standing. I can't see Forrest wanting to take Rampage down, and when they do get on the ground, Rampage still has the advantage. 

The only thing that Forrest may have is cardio, and even that is questionable, as Quinton has shown he can last into the late rounds. 

One other thing that Forrest has is a size advantage. Griffin's legs are longer and he may use that to keep Quinton at bay, but eventually Rampage will close in. 

Forrest has mentioned keeping his distance during the fight, possibly darting in, landing a few, and then getting out of harm's way, sort of Machida-like (ugh!).  

Griffin has been training with Wanderlei Silva (at Couture's), who has beaten Rampage twice, but that was back when Rampage had no one teaching him how to fight, he was just going on instinct.

On the other side, Quinton's got J. Ibarra, Z, Lyte, and W. Perez in his corner now, and his hands alone have improved 10-fold.

And, Forrest isn't Silva.

Let's look at the last three BIG fights Forrest has had coming up to this fight with Rampage:  

The Mauricio "Shogun" Rua fight was a joke. People say he beat possibly the best fighter in the division at the time, but Shogun gassed early because Rua injured himself several weeks prior to the fight and could not train, and thus had no cardio and was rusty.

Shogun should've never been in that fight. Yes, Forrest was "injured" as well, but was still able to train and build up his cardio.

He lost to Keith Jardine in the first round via TKO.

Lost (though on my original post I put he won because I'm a dumb ass) against Tito Ortiz via split decision. Tito had a bad knee coming into this fight. First round belonged to Ortiz, with two takedowns and some ground-and-pound.

Forrest was able to get some punches in between the two takedowns, but nevertheless, Tito won that first round. The second round belonged to Forrest, as they stayed up most of the time. The final round, I thought, could have been called either way. 

I know Forrest fought Bonner and Ramirez in between the three fights listed, but those are not considered BIG (at least to me their not).

His toughest opponent of late has been Jardine, who's one of the top contenders in the division, but Griffin lost to him.

As hard as this may be to believe, I like Forrest as a fighter a lot. He's got a huge heart and gives his all, in fights and in training. 

I just see this as a very bad matchup for him. Kind of like how Liddell is a bad match up against Rampage as well. 

PREDICTION: Rampage by TKO in the Second or Third Round

That's my prediction—my two cents.