San Diego Sports....No Loyalty

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San Diego Sports....No Loyalty
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Tony Gywnn; Junior Seau; Natrone Means;LaDainian Tomlinson; Dree Brees; what do all these former San Diego legends have in common? Each and every one of them were screwed by their respective franchises in the city of San Diego.

After years of loyal service; each man was either asked to take a large pay cut; or given their pink slips; while the owners and general managers so devilishly grinned as they released the heart and soul of their respective teams.

LT has been the 9 year face of the Chargers franchise; and when I heard he was released less than 48 hours ago; I first thought; "okay he's old and we need a  new everyday back"; but then some of my friends on facebook reminded me; LT was the franchise. He was stabbed in the back by the very team he gave his heart and soul to.

I grew up routing for the Padres and Chargers; since I was born in Oceanside California 32 years ago; but now I am questioning my love and loyalty for these teams; because all my sports heroes who gave their best years to them; were not given a heroes goodbye; but rather a swift kick in the butt out the door. LT I hope you get to read this man; because I just wanted to thank you for those 9 great years you gave to us; the fans. Good luck in the next step of your career; because if you still decide to  play football; I'll be routing for you; regardless of what team you maybe playing for.

Like Nas said in his song Hip Hop is Dead;

On my second marriage, hip hop's my first wifey
And for that we not takin' it lightly
If hip hop should die we die together
Bodies in the morgue lie together.

Looks like this relationship ended in divorce and LT was left without a prenup.....

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