WWE Monday Night Raw Review February 22nd

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WWE Monday Night Raw Review February 22nd
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Segment 1) Edge chooses Title Match at WM26

A decision most people could see coming a mile away - Edge chooses Jericho as his opponent at Mania - signed and sealed with a custom made spear. This segment could have been better. I felt it was somewhat rushed. Expect this decision to have more time and exposure on Smackdown!, which is to be expected really.

Not a bad opening segment, not great either. 2.5/5


Segment 2) Cena/Vince

Very clever what the WWE did with the WWE Title at EC. I liked this angle, however I feel Cena could've been a bit more serious. We all knew what we were going to get as a main event the second it was announced though. Whats up with having 2 promos in a row? Strange.


Segment 3) Kim vs Maryse, Divas Title

A full month after the match was decided, it happens. Proof that the divas mean sweet f*ck all to WWE. Poor match. Bit sloppy in places. Could've been so much more if the divas didnt already know that no matter how good a match they put on, they won't get more exposure.


Segment 4) Kofi, Bourne & Tatsu vs Legacy

Not a bad match at all. Given a good amount of time. I felt if the live crowd had been more responsive in general then the whole show would have been better and this match would have been amazing. Great way to further the Legacy breakup. Give the WWE props, when they want to, they can create a fascinating storyline.


Segment 5) HBK/ Undertaker Promo

First of all, that was a phenomenal vignette hyping HBK & Taker, props to the WWE. Anyone else notice the burns on Takers neck and the yellow discolouration on his face, thank God he came out of EC alive! Again, with a better crowd, this segment would have been better. A nice twist with the added stipulation. Too hard to call who'll win as this one could go either way, even more so than last year.

Good Segment 3.5/5

Segment 6) Christian vs Carlito

Not a bad match but it was missing something. Everybody knew who was going to win. Chances are your looking at the next holder of MITB


Segment 7) Buckaroo Bullshit!

Another monumental waste of time on Raw. A completely idiotic idea. Whoever thought it up should be suspended. These celebrity hosts who have no connection with wrestling are killing the product. Drag WWE Legends out of retirement to host Raw if you cant get A-list celebs. Seriously, why tout Raw being broadcast in 20+ countries if the only people who knew who these clowns last night were Americans!

Completely crap- a boring segment that would drive many a hardcore fan into an early grave 0/5

Segment 8) MVP and WSM vs Showmiz

Again, this thrown together team has no chemistry. I dont even think the fans buy into it. Wasnt the worst of matches but kill this poor team and push MVP to the top.


Segment 9) Hart update, Vinnies Two Cents

Nothing unexpected here. Hart back for a final farewell for the third time since he returned in January. Expect an altercation between Bret and VKM next wek. My guess is Brets leg is perfectly fine and Bret wanted VKM to think it was hurt.



Segment 10) Batista beats down Cena

I'm kind of getting tired of angles as a main event. However, this was a really good angle which proved why Batista is called the Animal. Good old fashioned brutality- the best way to get your point across in Wrestling. All it needed was some bloodshed.



Final Thoughts

I think this show was more to set up WM than anything else. Whole show seemed rushed and unplanned except for Taker/HBK and Batista/Cena/VKM segments. Poor corny 'comedy'  as usual.

Final Rating: 2.5/5

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