WWE: So-Called PG Rating

IGGY AZALEAContributor IFebruary 23, 2010

WWE converted all of their programs to a PG rating in 2008 and I just wanted to use this article to address my opinion on it.

On Raw last week their was a skit and Jerry Springer being the guest host decided to find out all of WWE's "intimate" relationships, so he called out Kelly Kelly and asked her what was her current "intimate" relationship and she replied saying that she was pregnant, but failed to know who she had the baby by.

So then Michael Cole up from his seat and called her a "hussie", then random Raw superstars started coming one after another down the ramp to act in in a very inappropriate discussing involving who Kelly Kelly slept with and all through that skit I laughed and laughed some more, but then I came to conclusion why can't WWE have some interesting feuds and story-lines like they had before?

But instead of doing that for the WWE Universe, they gave us yet another inappropriate mockery last night featuring Jewel, Ty Murray, The Bellas, Kelly Kelly yet again, and Eve Torres. They were competing I guess in a Bull Riding competition while wearing *revealing clothing* , how is that appropriate for a PG rating?

But booking hardcore matches fails to meet those expectations, I think it is not fair and a real conspiracy if I might add and I want the WWE to start back booking FIVE-STAR matches that they know the fans will love!

Also I want to say after Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock guest host, WWE please discontinue the "Guest Host" thing on RAW that Donald Trump created back in June or July of 2009. Furthermore, don't see this article as me insulting WWE or don't tell me to just not watch it because that is not the case, I just want to see much more entertainment from WWE.

"Elimination Chamber" was pretty good last night. Thank You WWE!

                       Let me know your feedback on the situation


Final Words: Dick Normandy if you dislike Professional Wrestling, and think it is a JOKE then don't watch it and don't read Pro Wrestling articles on B/R. That is all I have to say.