The Great Manchester Tension: What if Rooney Leaves?

Saura BhattacharjeeAnalyst IFebruary 23, 2010

On Saturday while watching the mighty Manchester United get grounded by David Moyes' inspired Everton was a treat to watch for fans of Chelsea, who the week before had missed their chance to go clear four points from Manchester United. The Gooners' must also be a happy lot as Arsenal moved to within two points of ManU in the league table.

The void left by Ronaldo is visible uncomfortably for Fergie as well as his Red Devils. Valencia is a talented and skillful player but he lacks the X factor that Ronaldo had. Nani could be a bright prospect but only if he can shut his mouth and become more responsible.

In defence there is constant news that Vidic may be on the move. Ferdinand is clearly lacking focus as has been proved in the numerous goof-ups he has made this season. The only inspiration has been Evra who is playing very well. The other youngsters like Rafael and Evans need lots of match experience.

In the midfield Carrick, Fletcher, Scholes, and Giggs (he is right now under old age scheme given the few matches he plays) are all getting aged and are not the same force that was reckoned once. The lack of a creative and mastermind players like Ronaldo has taken its toll on the team's performance this season.

In both the previous seasons they have clinched the title playing unbelievable football post the winter break. But these season they have looked jaded and weary from the start and last week's loss projected a dismal aspect. They are lacking a goal-scoring midfield sensation like Ronaldo.

These current season Rooney has been in top form. The match against AC Milan and Everton proved Manchester's over dependence on Rooney. In the Champions League match against AC Milan the Red Devils were nowhere to be found in the first half of the match. Mostly because Rooney had been marked and he was not able to open up his play. A lucky goal from Scholes helped Manchester equalise. Otherwise AC Milan were the better team with their calculative moves and the dribbles of the smiling Ronaldinho.

But in the second half a tired and exhausted Nesta and Thiago Silva were unable to contain the Reds' hitman and Rooney did what he does best. "Score awesome goals." The whole game proved the Red Devils' over-reliance on Rooney for goals. The dying minutes goal from Seedorf proved the fragile condition of the Reds' defence.

In the match against the Toffees Rooney was a bit tired and was dormant for most part of the match. The result was clearly visible. "EVERTON 3 MANCHESTER UNITED 1." Except a solitary goal from Berbatov in the first half there was not much threat on the goal. Manchester controlled the game till 60 minutes or so but there was none to finish those few deadly moves that transpired. There after Manchester completely lost the plot and the resurgent Toffees deservedly earned three points from the game.

So what if Rooney leaves Manchester United?

The numerous talks being held about a possible move for Rooney, to Spain it is time the Devils' gave a thought about it. In the wake of Ronaldo's exit the club is struggling (no offence meant but that's a fact given their last years performance). Without a replacement for Rooney, Manchester will be in trouble if he leaves the club or even if he gets injured. They sold Tevez who is now at his peak goal scoring form at Manchester City. 

So Fergie should start looking for a alternative to Rooney. JUST IN CASE!!!