WrestleMania 26: Will Shawn Michaels Hang His Boots Forever?

Lionheart NicoloContributor IFebruary 23, 2010

ORANGE, CA - MAY 08:  Wrestler Shawn Michaels  arrives at the Lions Gate Premiere of 'See No Evil' at the Century Stadium Promenade 25 on May 8, 2006 in Orange, California.  (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)
Michael Buckner/Getty Images

He is the Showstopper, the Headliner, and the Main Event. He is a man I respect, and without a shadow of a doubt he is the WWE's most charismatic and most innovative superstar of all time. He took wrestling to great new heights and proved that boyhood dreams do come true.

I know him, you know him, and no wrestling fan is a stranger to this man, the Heartbreak Kid himself, Shawn Michaels.

He is a surefire Hall of Famer, and was involved in more than a single infamous event in the Sports Entertainment industry. He continuously makes history, and his heart plus dedication attract the love of many fans. His entrance music states the truth--he sends chills up and down our spines.

But as they say, superstars at a certain point must meet their supernova—the end of their shine, that is. And from what I see, Shawn Michaels is bound for the end. Don't get me wrong, he is still a big star in the WWE, but his in-ring performance is slowly deteriorating.

This 44-year-old native from San Antonio, is just not as hot in the ring today as was in the mid '90s and in 2002. He's aging, and his body can't provide the same electricity we experienced from him years ago. And unfortunately, in-ring talent is vital in Pro Wrestling.

HBK also wants to spend more moments with his family, and his health must be secured if he wants "quality time" with his wife and kids. A devout Born-again Christian he is, and he would also love to do church services full-time.

It seems logical that Michaels will retire.

We all know now that HBK will face Undertaker at 'Mania, and if he loses, he must sign his retirement papers. The way I see it, Shawn won't be able to end Taker's streak (I firmly believe that it won't end), thus resulting in his retirement...which means no more HBK in WWE.

I know it's kind of sad, but I think HBK deserves a long needed rest and must hang up his boots. He is getting old for a wrestler. HBK has given his all in the industry and now it's time for him to cement the pathway for new and fresh superstars to write the WWE's future chapters.

Shawn Michaels will always be my favorite wrestler.

I won't forget the times he entered the ring and the crowd would go wild—the DX Moments, the Mr. WrestleMania Moments, the awesome matches he delivered, and most of all, the way he put his body on the line week in and week out for our entertainment.

Thank you, Shawn.

Do you think HBK will retire at WrestleMania XXVI and what are your thoughts?