Is Quinton "Rampage" Jackson Ready To Fight In The Hevyweight Division?

jason hughesCorrespondent IFebruary 23, 2010

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  Did anyone notice the obvious amount of weight Quinton "Rampage" Jackson has put on? I only seen a few clips saturday night during the Silva, Bisping fight in which Jackson helped corner his friend " The Count", but I was almost shocked that with less than ninety days until his clash with Rashad Evans , Quinton looked so bloated.

   Now I know that as a wrestler Jackson will more than likely cut weight and make it in time for the fight, however, in this short span how much will this not only take away from his training , but how will it affect his cardio going into a fight that I thought meant so much to the Memphis native?

    Is there a reason for the weight gain or has Quinton simply just let himself get out of shape that badly, and against a fighter that he has openly without a doubt , has no like for at all , to put it mildly.

   When the fight was announced I had Jackson as a 2 to 1 favorite, but at the last sighting of  the lately out of shape fighter , I am no longer sure that I can say that I will have Rampage as the favorite.

    Still there may be a method to his madness, but as a fighter who before coming to the UFC, had serious cardio issues in Japan, evident in his losses to Wanderlei Silva and "Shogun" Rua this weight gain concerns me.

   If  Jackson's  plans are to turn the extra weight into more muscle that would be an explanation of his weight gain, but I think that he has worked so hard at turning himself into a fighter who no longer gasses after two rounds .I have serious questions on the weight gain, remember Jackson is as a powerful fighter as you are going to see in the lightheavyweight class and in my opinion I see no need for added power if it is going to take the slightest bit of speed away from his powerful and fast explosive punches.

  There is no doubt that Rashad Evans will come into this fight in tip top shape, he never has let himself go before and I do not see him changing that now.

   But who ever knows what sits in the mind of Quinton Jackson, we all know that he has shown flashes of unstability before and has come back with no lingering affects, ala the powerful demolishing of Silva, is he playing   possum, or is he making a monumental mistake?

   I guess that I will have to delay my prediction, so that I may see where he   will be come closer to fight night, but is it his body that needs work, or does he nedd to check his head, time will tell.