Winter Olympics: We Got the Memo Bob Costas—You Hate Shani Davis!

Sherman L. McCleskyCorrespondent IFebruary 23, 2010

As African-American history month comes to an end, we had a chance to witness another chapter unfold as Shani Davis hit the ice to do something that NO MAN had ever done in Olympic history. 

Davis edged out South Korea's Mo-Tae Bum to become the first man to ever repeat as the 1,000 meter speed skating Olympic champion. Such an accomplishment would have made him a legend had he been a citizen of any other country. Unfortunately, he was born an African-American, so I guess his glory awaits him this time next year.

Yeah I said!!! Said it and I meant it!!! Make me take it back!!!

Shani Davis is a black man—a black man with exceptional skating abilities and a warm personality to match. So how did such a remarkable athlete, both on and off the ice, become a target of Bob Costas's apathy?

We'll answer that question in a moment, but first, let's take a look back to a few days ago.

Bob Costas interviewed Stephen Colbert the day after Davis's historic win. During this interview, Colbert suggested that he should be given credit for Davis's win for two reasons.

1. His financial contributions to the U.S. speed skating team

2. His presence at the rink that night. You see, Davis thinks that Colbert is a "jerk," so Colbert thinks that Davis's hatred toward him served as fuel.

Wrong and wrong again.

Shani Davis paid his own way to the Olympics with money he'd acquired from his sponsors and his pro career. He didn't spend one dime of the "Colbert Nation's" money.

Davis was right when he called Colbert a "jerk." What kind of man would try to swoop in and steal another man's thunder? The same kind of man who would beg his audience to vote endlessly to put his name on a wing of a space station...

That's right, a jerk!!! With that being said, I hardly doubt that Davis was looking for Colbert in the stands for inspiration. 

The only bright side to that interview was watching Colbert crawling into the imitation fireplace. That should have sent a message to the rest of the nation as to what kind of an idiot Colbert really is. The only downside to that gesture was the fact that it wasn't a real fire; I would have paid real money to see Colbert on fire.

But that interview was not the urine in my Corn Flakes. It was the motive behind the interview that pissed me off.

Why would Bob Costas spend his time entertaining that idiot's ramblings against Davis when he should have spent his time offering congrats to Davis? 

My guess suggests that Bob Costas has a problem with black athletes. To what extent I don't know, but he has a documented history of being very critical towards black athletes. From Barry Bonds to Usain Bolt, Costas clearly has an axe to grind and it's getting on my nerves.

It was no surprise to see Costas, just seconds after seeing Davis fail to win the 1,500m, with a smug look on his face, announcing Davis' loss, then quickly jumping on the bandwagon of eventual 1,500m Olympic champion Mark Tuitert of the Netherlands.

It made me sick to my stomach.

Apparently this CANADIAN didn't get the memo. He's representing the United States of America in his coverage of the Olympic Games. I expect him to be without bias in his opinion towards every athlete; if he has a problem with certain athletes, he needs to step aside and allow someone else to take over.

Davis does not deserve this treatment. This man had done nothing but represent his country and he'd done a fine job at it.

It was not his fault that, years ago, two of his teammates decided to "not compete" so that he could have a spot on the team. That was their decision, not his!!!

It was not his fault that his coaches, at the last second, threw him into a team pursuit event without even asking him. His decision not to skate was intended to allow two other skaters an opportunity to take part in the competition. How could a completely selfless act turn into the greatest scandal of his career?

Simple: Chad Hedrick and his big, fat, lying mouth!!!

So now you know. Shani Davis is a great Olympic champion and I'll give him all of the credit he deserves. Any negative image of him is the result of nothing but rumors and speculation.

For Bob Costas to "imply" that Davis doesn't deserve respect says a lot about him and his network. 

Food for thought.


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